White House Clubhouse is a fun middle-grade from Sean O’Brien

White House Clubhouse by Sean O'Brien. Image Courtesy of Norton Young Readers.
White House Clubhouse by Sean O'Brien. Image Courtesy of Norton Young Readers. /

Middle-grade stories are ones I rarely pick up but some do intrigue me including White House Clubhouse by Sean O’Brien.

You might recognize the name: Sean O’Brien as he was a former speechwriter who worked at the White House. He worked for President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, and Former President Barrack Obama and was chief of staff to two Congress members.

As you can see, O’Brien knows a thing or two about being in the White House. That’s where an extra layer of fun comes into White House Clubhouse. In addition, it feels like an entirely unique experience that other kids would want to hear about.

Whether you’ve got a middle-grade reader in your house, are a teacher, or want something new in your rotation, then White House Clubhouse is a fun new series to start.

White House Clubhouse is a modern tale with some fun historical elements.

The title: White House Clubhouse might give you a certain idea and in a way, that does come true. Marissa and Clara are new to the White House after their mother is elected president. They are having a hard time, adjusting and eventually, stumble upon the White House Clubhouse.

Yes, it’s a clubhouse hidden within the White House for the White House Kids, and the two sign a contract. After signing it, they’re transported back to when Teddy Roosevelt is president and they end up teaming up with his kids. At first, things are chaotic yet the mission becomes clear and it’s for them to try and make a difference.

What better place to start than with the President? The two along with the Roosevelt kids embark on a cross-country road trip via train. There are hijinks glory with the kids train-hopping, getting lost, and even, influencing the presidents in ways they couldn’t have imagined. If anything, it was the perfect way to showcase both the old and new within this story.

Everything eventually came full circle for the girls, too. They were able to make a difference back then and appreciate their mother more for doing the job she did. All in all, this one was incredibly cute and a lot of fun. There were also drawings intersurcted within and it was so engaging.

Even though I’m not the target audience, I had fun with White House Clubhouse and I think this would be a great one to both read for fun with kids and start conversations. Plus it’s clear Sean O’Brien has done his research and given a unique take on his work in the past.

White House Clubhouse by Sean O’Brien is out now where books are sold.

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