12 non-romance books being released in October 2023

Midnight is the Darkest Hour. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Landmark
Midnight is the Darkest Hour. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Landmark /

Regardless of which genre you prefer, there are so many great books coming out in October.

Whether you’re celebrating the start of the spooky season or want something to knock the chill off, there is no better time to pick up a new book. It’s such a comforting feeling especially if you’re a reader.

There’s no feeling like picking up a good book on a cold day and snuggling up in your blankets with a candle lit. That sounds like the ideal fall day to me so I’m way too excited to get into this upcoming non-romance book release.

Thankfully, the amount of non-romance books coming out in October is pretty absurd so I’ve got 12 titles to talk about.

These 12 non-romance books need to be on your radar for October.

Let’s start with some of my most anticipated releases for October. The first is easily Midnight is the Darkest Hour by Ashley Winstead. This is her next release with Sourcebooks and it’s a thriller that’s a love letter to friendship, Twilight, and figuring out who you are. I’ve already read this one and it’s easily a new favorite.

Moving onto some of my other anticipated releases, I have to include Lore Olympus Volume 5 which also comes out on October 3rd. This is the next bind-up of the Lore Olympus series from Rachel Smythe. Next up is Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror which is being edited by Jordan Peele and once again, releases on October 3rd.

If you’re looking for some lighter reads, you could consider picking up Huda F Cares by Huda Fahmy which is a fun coming-of-age graphic novel, releasing October 10th. Devrie Donalson is also releasing a new book called You’re Gonna Die Alone (And Other Excellent News) coming out on October 3rd. Lastly in this group is If You’ll Have Me by Eunnie which is a new-adult graphic novel with a cute art style that is coming out on October 17th.

Since Halloween is in October, I wanted to feature some spooky reads coming out this month. The first is Bittersweet in the Hollow by Kate Pearsall which is a YA supernatural thriller coming on October 10th. Next is My Darling Girl by Jennifer McMahon which is a psychological thriller coming out on October 3rd. Lastly, this section is Let Him In by William Friend which is a gothic suspense also coming on October 3rd.

For the final three featured in this list, I decided to feature some I’ve gotten in my inbox that I’m sure others would love. The first is One Puzzling Afternoon which is a mystery featuring a cold case and a failing mind coming on October 3rd. Shoot the Moon by Isa Arsen is a historical fiction with a scientific twist coming out on October 10th. Lastly, I wanted to feature Songs of Irie by Asha Bromfield which is another historical story set in Jamaica and following two friends.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing books coming out in October no matter what genre you read. I’d love to know if you’re excited about any of these and what you’ll be adding to your TBR!

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