The Acadia Duology by Mia Sheridan is a heavy-hitter

Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books.
Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books. /

Bloom Books has slowly but surely publishing Mia Sheridan’s backlist including her Acadia Duology which features Becoming Calder and Finding Eden.

While I’ve now read a handful of Mia Sheridan’s books, I can honestly say this was easily the most hard-hitting and emotional of the bunch. If you can’t handle heavy topics, then I’d steer clear of it.

As with all other Mia Sheridan books, the Acadia duology is written with love and care so you’ll still enjoy it. As I mentioned, just make sure you’re able to handle these topics before picking up these two books.

Thank you so much to Bloom Books for sending me finished copies of Becoming Calder and Finding Eden so let’s get into my thoughts on this duology.

The Acadia Duology is another stunner from Mia Sheridan.

No matter what type of romance Mia Sheridan plans, it always comes out amazing including her Acadia duology. Set over two books: Becoming Calder is the first book and it’s equal parts a love story and survival story while Finding Eden is the second book where we finally see the happy ending we’ve been waiting for.

Becoming Calder follows Calder and his family who are living in a cult. Things change when the leader, Hector’s bride is introduced which is Eden. At the time, she’s a child and it’s clear she and Calder have a connection. Throughout the first book, we watch as the two foster a friendship and even a bit of romance but it’s all forbidden due to Hector’s “claim” on her.

Eventually, we figure out things aren’t what they seem but it’s too late as the first book ends in tragedy. While I won’t get into the details, there is death, murder, suicide, kidnapping, assault, and more on the page. It’s honestly hard to read at times but makes for an even more powerful read.

Moving onto Finding Eden, we follow the events of Becoming Calder and the aftermath with Eden and Calder. While it does take a while for the two to come back together, their reunion is so romantic. It’s clear these two have belonged together since the beginning and this final book wraps up their story but not without hardships.

Finding Eden isn’t nearly as dark as Becoming Calder but we do learn a lot of backstories of Hector, the Acadia Cult, and how it still affects Calder, Eden, and Xander which isn’t an easy read. However, Mia Sheridan handles everything with grace and this duology hooked me from the start.

While I did enjoy this duology, I will say that it’s not my favorite Mia Sheridan book and I don’t think it’s the best one to start with. It’s incredibly dark and features a lot of topics you have to prepare yourself for. It also centers around a cult which is tough to read at times. I just think you have to be prepared before diving into this but if you can handle it, it’s worth picking up.

The Acadia Duology by Mia Sheridan is out now where your favorite books are sold.

Will you be grabbing Becoming Calder and Finding Eden this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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