Rachel Reid delivers gay hockey romances that sizzle

Reader's Guide to Rachel Reid
Reader's Guide to Rachel Reid /

Are you looking for a new author to read right now? Are you a fan of gay romances or hockey romances? Then you need to check out Rachel Reid!

We are always looking for new authors to read, especially when it comes to specific genres and tropes within the romance world. And for me, it can be hard to find new gay romances that really deliver next-level storylines that keep me in my seat. Luckily, I was given a chance to read Time to Shine by Rachel Reid ahead of its September release and immediately knew that I had to check out the rest of her books.

This led me down a rabbit hole of the current releases from Rachel Reid and if you love hockey romances with strong leading men, then these books are definitely worth reading.

Check out these M/M hockey romance books from Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid
Reader’s Guide to Rachel Reid /

Reid currently has seven books available for readers to enjoy, with the latest being Time to Shine, which was released by Carina Adores.

The other books, which were released by Carina Press are:

  • Game Changer
  • Heated Rivalry
  • Tough Guy
  • Common Goal
  • Role Model
  • The Long Game

The first three books are all part of an ebook bundle, the Game Changers (which is technically the series name). And it is a great way to not only dive into this world, but once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down.

In Game Changer, we start off meeting the captain of the New York Admirals, who finds himself snapping a losing streak after enjoying a smoothie from barista Kip Grady. Now he needs not only the magic of the smoothie to keep his game-winning momentum, but also to get to know Kip better.

It’s exactly the kind of interesting meet cute we expect from a pro athlete because so many of them are superstitious when it comes to things that help them win and keep them winning. So incorporating that into a hockey romance just makes perfect sense.

And no, the books don’t follow the same team or anything like that. Instead book two, Heated Rivalry, gives us the story of two different captains of entirely different teams, the Montreal Voyageurs and the Boston Bears. Instead of a meet-cute, superstition storyline, we have enemies to lovers.

Having these different tropes throughout the series is why Rachel Reid is a great choice for hockey romance readers because the storylines are not the same in every book. Instead, we get something fresh each time and we love it.

We love a good sports romance and these books definitely deliver that.

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