The Playbook Series by Alexa Martin: A Reader’s Guide

The Playbook Series by Alexa Martin. Image Courtesy of Berkley.
The Playbook Series by Alexa Martin. Image Courtesy of Berkley. /

Everyone is gaga about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Rightfully so but Alexa Martin did it first.

Okay well maybe she didn’t trademark anything, but she was doing it before it was trendy. Alexa Martin began publishing her Playbook series with Berkley back in 2018 and it ended up becoming an entire series.

While the series became popular when it was released, what better time than now to put it back on your radar? I’ve loved this series and this author since I began reading her books in 2018 and honestly, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Whether you’re jumping on the Traylor hype train or you’re looking for some football romances, you’ll want to pick up this beloved romance series by Alexa Martin.

Loving Traylor? Try the Playbook series by Alexa Martin.

Since I’m such a fan of the series, I wanted to do a reader’s guide and then finish this with a quote from Alexa Martin. I can’t believe I’m typing that as I’ve loved her books for so long and it’s so crazy that she shared some of her thoughts about her series and Traylor with us.

Alexa Martin
The Playbook Series by Alexa Martin. Image Courtesy of Berkley. /

Kicking off the series is Intercepted. This is a second-chance romance between Marlee and Gavin who had an amazing hook-up in college. The two reconnect after Marlee dumps her cheating ex. What I adore most about Intercepted is how well it sets things up such as the dynamics between the couples, possible future couples, the WAGs, and the general vibe of the Denver Mustangs. Intercepted brought the drama and more but was still fun.

Book 2 in the Playbook series is Fumbled which features TK who is the love interest inspired by Travis Kelce. This is a secret baby, second-chance romance between Poppy and TK who meet again unexpectedly. This one doesn’t bring as much WAG drama yet there is some family drama and lots of adorable moments you’ll want to keep re-reading. Once you finish the first book, you’ll absolutely adore TK and be dying for his book.

Next up is Blitzed which is a romance between Brynn, a side character in the previous books, and Maxwell. These two couldn’t be more different but the attraction is there but that’s not all. We see the friendships between the Mustang WAGs and the relationship blossom between Max and Brynn. This book was great but is easily at its weakest with the third-act conflict which is sad. Otherwise, though, this one is another fun installment in the series.

Last but not least, the final book in the series is Snapped. This one came out in 2020 and it’s a Black love story between Elliot and Quinton. Quinton is the real NFL player to kneel during the anthem and Eliot is tasked with “handling it” as a PR. While things seem rocky at first, the two end up having a romance but it isn’t without some stickiness. There’s a lot of talk about racism, injustice in the workplace, politics, and generally everything the NFL avoids. Snapped gets criticized a lot but I do enjoy this one.

Ultimately, it’s clear Alexa Martin knows her stuff and if you’re looking for some NFL romances, you need to look no further than her Playbook series. With that being said, I’m going to let Alexa take it away!

"For years, I’ve been screaming about Travis Kelce and his potential as the perfect romance hero. Even though my husband played in the NFL and I was slightly aware of the Kansas City Chiefs, it only took one search on Pinterest to understand the full appeal of Travis Kelce. Not only does the man have phenomenal style (please google him in a suit) but his on-field persona is so intense that it’s easy to let your mind wander and imagine what he must be like off of the field. In Fumbled, TK is known as the party guy always having fun on the team. He scores touchdowns and celebrates hard. So off the field, I was able to delve into what this hardcore persona might be hiding. If you guess a heart of gold, dying to be in love, give yourself a pat on the back.Now, to see my fictional hero inspiration mirror this story in real life, with my best friend (who doesn’t know I exist) has been a dream come true. Travis Kelce has won two Super Bowls and is at the top of his career. He’s on the field hitting, tackling, and pounding his chest every Sunday. Then, out of nowhere, he’s making friendship bracelets and loading proclaiming how much he likes Taylor. The juxtaposition of hardcore athlete and hardcore romantic is exactly what my football romances portray. It’s hard not to be instantly taken by two people who have it all, turning that attention and focus onto one another. Plus, as a Swiftie, we all want to see her doted on and treated well. Travis isn’t beating his chest about how she should want him instead, he’s putting himself out there for the world to see, to let her know he likes her… that he sees how special she is. We don’t know if this is Taylor’s one and only, but we sure can be thrilled to see her enjoying herself as it happens!"

I’d like to thank Alexa Martin for writing this up so I could feature it and hopefully, it’ll be the motivation you need to pick up the Playbook series.

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