Missed Steamy Lit Con? Try these attending authors’ books

Steamy Lit Con Logo. Image Courtesy of Steamy Lit.
Steamy Lit Con Logo. Image Courtesy of Steamy Lit. /

Steamy Lit is changing the game once again. The company branched out into Steamy Lit Con for the first time in 2023.

Hosted in Anaheim, California, this was a way for romance readers, writers, and more to connect but obviously, a lot of us couldn’t travel there. In going to conventions like that, you end up discovering new authors.

With that being said, I wanted to write up a post-con recommendations post. Even though I didn’t personally attend, I did see a lot of posts, pictures, and just general fun moments happening at the con so I wanted to recommend some romance authors who attended that are worth your time.

Putting your money where your mouth is something we all know and appreciate, especially romance authors so let’s dive into some authors worth adding to your Steamy Lit Con list for 2024.

These romance authors from Steamy Lit Con are a must-read.

While there were some big-name romance authors there, I wanted to show some love to other smaller and indie authors. Let’s start with Danielle Allen. If you’re not familiar with her work, she writes Black love stories. Each usually contains some spice along with a healthy connection between the two love interests. If I had to recommend one book of hers to read, it would be Truth or Dare as it’s friends-to-lovers with a slight game element and it’s just so sexy and fun.

The next author is one I’ve only read a few books from but I wanted to include her. She writes a mix of indie and traditionally published works but that’s Sabrina Sol. Her books feature Latina characters getting their happily-ever-after. Her writing is just so delicious and I adore her Delicious Desires series and I think it’s a good starting place for her works.

Keeping with the indie theme, I’d be remiss to not include Evie Mitchell on my list. No matter what type of romance you’re looking for, Evie Mitchell has you covered. She’s written contemporary stories, motorcycle club, and even bodyguard romances. A lot of her books also feature some kind of representation, including her All-Access series which is a delight.

Before getting into some traditionally published authors, I wanted to feature another hybrid author which is Kimberly Lemming. She’s the author of the Mead Mishaps series including That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon. She hits that mark just right when it comes to cozy fantasy with a splash of romance, funny moments, and sexy times.

Moving onto my final two authors, these are two authors I’ve read and loved that are traditionally published. First up is a debut author and that’s Julie Soto. She wrote Forget Me Not which came out this year and people are loving it, myself included. It’s a second-chance romance between a jaded wedding planner and a grumpy florist who are forced to work together. I love the way this story is written and I honestly can’t wait for her next book.

Last but not least is Tracey Livesay. I’ve mentioned her before on Culturess, but I still don’t think she gets enough love. Most know her from American Royalty which is a great book but I’d like to recommend her Girls Trip series. Each book follows a different girl from a group of girlfriends and the romances each of them has. The first book is Sweet Talkin’ Lover and the second book is Like Lovers Do.

Mostly, I want people to read her Girls Trip series because I want her to keep writing in that series so please do it! If anything, it might make her want to revisit this series. These books feel like sexy Hallmark movies in the best way so pick them up!

Steamy Lit Con 2024 is set for August 2-3, 2024. 

Will you be attending Steamy Lit Con 2024? Let us know some of your favorite romance authors and who you’d love to meet at Steamy Lit Con!

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