Is Meijer open on Labor Day? (2023)

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The grocery store Meijer is a prime spot for some when it comes to grocery shopping, and many are probably wondering if they can visit their favorite location on Labor Day in 2023.

There are so many excellent options when it comes to grocery shopping, it’s difficult to wade through all the outstanding choices and find the right fit. For some, that is undoubtedly Meijer, and it makes sense, considering they have been in the supermarket game for over 90 years.

Everything from milk to produce, seafood to burgers, the popular grocery chain most assuredly has its shelves full of useful things people need for all sorts of fun-filled occasions. They even have plenty of items for everyone’s back-to-school needs.

There is undeniably an absolute plethora of reasons to visit a Meijer location, especially on the Monday off that comes every year at the beginning of September. Consumers would find it to be absolutely ideal if their favorite location was open on Labor Day, and it is probably something several people would like to figure out before making the trip.

Is Meijer closed on Labor Day? (2023)

The only holiday Meijer closes its doors is on Christmas Day. Reports from confirm that the stores will be in operation on Labor Day.

There is quite the chance the hours regarding the opening and closing times could be affected by the holidays. A very quick check online or a phone call to the local store would be a quick solution to this conundrum in order to prevent any inconveniences.

From absolutely worthwhile sales to a solid selection, Meijer is a great place to meet all of one’s grocery needs and then some. Customers who do decide to visit on Labor Day will be in store for all the great deals they have been known for offering.

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