Make these 5 Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses a top priority

Stranger Things, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Stranger Things, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Going into the spooky season, many of the Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses were highly anticipated. From Stranger Things to The Last of Us, the known storylines and characters had many people running to be first in line. If all 10 houses cannot be on the evening’s agenda, these five options need to be a top priority.

This year’s slate of Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses combines original Universal properties and other popular, well-known horror-related franchises. While each one is new and unique, it is more than just the jump scare that makes the experience memorable. In some cases, it is the visuals that make you want to stop and stare which makes it a standout.

Compiling a ranking list or giving superlatives to one choice over another creates a scenario where everyone can agree to disagree. While people may choose one based on a favorite character or because their friend almost stumbled into the corner, the reality is that every Halloween Horror Nights 32 haunted house has highlights.

Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses include Stranger Things 4
Stranger Things, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Top priority Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses

Stranger Things

Anyone who loves Stranger Things Season 4 must go through this experience at least once and it does not necessarily require running up that hill. For people who want a good soundtrack, they will not be disappointed. But, Vecna is lurking and waiting for everyone. There can be a few disjointed moments, but everyone will want to keep their eyes peeled for those important details.

Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate

While the beloved ride might now be overtaken by a forest of trees, the fond memories of ice versus fire are still there under the dirt. Although this haunted house might not be intensely scary, it is visually stunning. As each guest must choose their fate, the experience will have people going back time and again to see and appreciate every possibility. Sometimes the most memorable moments aren’t the screams, but how a house leaves a lasting impression.

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The Last of Us

While many people turned to the HBO series, this experience is based on the video game. The attention to detail in this storyline is impeccable. While a few twists and turns have people wondering if they will come out unscathed, it is a journey worth taking.

Yeti: Campground Kills

While the Yeti has emerged from his wintery escape before, this haunted house has him hitting a new campground. Just when people think that it is safe to venture into the woods, another unexpected wrench is thrown into the plans. Someone might want to get a bigger stick for those s’mores around the campfire.

Universal Monsters: Unmasked

Another installment in the Universal Monsters stories, this journey to Paris goes into the darkness and has a terrifying melody at its core. The Phantom of the Opera might not be playing the music of the night, but he is unwilling to allow anyone to cross him. With the help of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the Invisible Man, these classic characters have jumped off the page and into people’s nightmares.

After these five Halloween Horror Nights, 32 houses are checked off the list, the remaining five in terms of ranking would be Dr. Oddfellow: Twisted Origins, The Exorcist: Believer, The Darkest Deal, Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings, and Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count. Even without an express pass or RIP Tour, it is possible to make it through all the houses in the evening. It just requires planning and a willingness to be there for the entire night.

Compared to previous years, these houses have fewer pitch-black moments, claustrophobic hallways, or creepy factors. No one has to worry about the feeling of bugs crawling on their arms or being blinded by strobe lights. The biggest issue is trying to go slow enough through all the houses to better appreciate all the details in every scene.

Halloween Horror Nights 32 runs now through November 4, 2023. More information on tickets, hours, and special events can be found on the Universal Orlando Resort website.

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