Prepare to battle Stranger Things 4 Vecna’s curse at Halloween Horror Nights

STRANGER THINGS. Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
STRANGER THINGS. Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

As the fog begins to waft in the air, the anticipation for the annual Halloween Horror Nights experience grows. While guests have learned to never wander the theme park scarezones alone, the call to explore those dark, unrelenting haunts calls. During the 2023 Halloween Horror Nights event, Stranger Things 4 Vecna’s curse could compel guests to have a happy song to sing so they do not succumb to ultimate peril.

Certain horror characters have tapped into people’s deepest fears. While coulrophobia might have some people running from Jack and entomophobia have others running from those creepy crawlers, pop culture characters often hit a different part of people’s psyche. Whether it is a combination of fears, a play into a particular memory, or just a vivid imagination that no one saw coming, these storylines have people longing to sleep with the light on.

Coming to 2023 Halloween Horror Nights, both in Orlando and Hollywood, is a Stranger Things 4 house. Focusing on Vecna’s curse, the experience might have people craning their necks to look away from the diabolical images that will definitely leave an impression.

As John Murdy, Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood said, “From the opening shots of ‘Stranger Things 4,’ episode one, we knew this was meant to be an experience at Halloween Horror Nights.” Lora Sauls, Assistant Director, Creative Development and Show Direction at Universal Orlando Resort added, “We’re excited for our fans to live Vecna’s curse as we recreate the iconic and terrifying moments from the show.”

In addition to favorite Stranger Things characters, like Max, Eleven, and Eddie, this new experience requires the brave to traverse Hawkins and Vecna’s destruction. From the Hawkins Lab to Creel House, there is no escaping Vecna’s curse and that terrifying control. Whether or not guests can escape that Mind Lair remains to be seen. Hopefully, everyone will be able to run up that hill to the eventual exit door.

Although the scenes will have everyone talking, it will be interesting to see how the Universal Creative team incorporates music into this experience. While the Stranger Things storyline captivates viewers, the music from Season 4 was a huge draw. From 80s pop to metal, hopefully, there is a riff that everyone can appreciate.

2023 Halloween Horror Nights opens at Universal Orlando Resort on September 1 and now runs through November 4. The extension puts the event at a record 48 dates. The Universal Studios Hollywood event runs from September 7 through October 31.

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