Are schools closed on Labor Day? (2023)

Labor Day Weekend has arrived which for many means a day off work and an extended 3-day weekend to get a bit of relaxation in for the holiday. But what exactly does the holiday’s arrival mean for the little ones in our lives still in school?

As many schools begin their new school year in late August, many kids across the country have recently returned to school for the fall with classes resuming with the start of the new school year.

So what exactly does the Labor Day holiday mean for students? Will there still be school on Monday, Sept. 4? Or are schools closed on Labor Day in observance of the holiday?

Are schools closed on Labor Day? (2023)

Due to the Labor Day holiday, most schools across the nation are set to be closed on Sept. 4 for the holiday. This includes most public and private schools, which will be closing their doors for the day and giving students the chance to enjoy the 3-day weekend as well with classes canceled for the day.

Now, while most schools are set to be closed, it would be smart to check your student’s local school website to confirm that the holiday is indeed observed by your school district. After all, just because most schools will be closed on Labor Day, there are likely to be a few that remain open based on the school’s personalized schedule.

In most instances, classes should resume on Tuesday, Sept. 5 following the holiday but, again, it never hurts to check with your school to be certain as there is also a chance your school might have a half-day or extended break planned for the holiday.