Is the Post Office closed on Labor Day? (2022)

Labor Day weekend has arrived which, for many, means a day off of work in recognition of the holiday and makes for a perfect excuse to take care of some errands.

Say you have a package that’s been sitting around waiting to be mailed and you’re hoping to finally cross shipping it off of your to-do list. You might find yourself wondering if you can head to your local post office to drop it off for shipping. Perhaps you have a letter or bill that needs to be mailed and are wondering if you can head out to your mailbox to leave it for pickup.

Can you count on the post office being open for business this Labor Day or is Labor Day one of the handful of holidays the post office is closed on?

Are post offices closed on Labor Day? (2022)

As Labor Day is a federal holiday, the post office will indeed be closed on Monday, Sept. 5 for the holiday. In other words, if you have a package in need of shipping, you’ll need to wait until Tuesday, Sept. 6 if you’re looking to ship something via your local post office.

Will mail and package delivery run on Labor Day? (2022)

No need to head out to the mailbox today as there will be no mail or package delivery via the US post office on Labor Day. Labor Day is a federal holiday, which means there is no mail service on Sept. 5 due to the holiday.

There will, however, be Priority Mail Express delivery as the service is said to operate 365 days of the year. You can also turn to self-service kiosks which are also expected to remain open for the Labor Day holiday, though it doesn’t hurt to check the U.S. Postal Service locator for complete location and service information.

Is UPS closed on Labor Day? (2022)

Much like the post office, UPS will be closed on Sept. 5 for Labor Day as the holiday is one of many UPS observes each year. In addition to closing UPS stores, the brand’s website notes that there will be no UPS pickup or delivery service on Sept. 5, 2022, but UPS Express Critical service will remain available as an option for those in need of making a time-sensitive shipment.

Is FedEx open on Labor Day? (2022)

There will be no FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Economy or FedEx Freight delivery services running on Monday, Sept. 5 as FedEx closes for the holiday.

FedEx Custom Critical will still be available and FedEx Offices are said to have modified hours, so there is a slim chance your local branch could have hours of operation on Labor Day. Our recommendation would be to call your nearest FedEx ahead of time to confirm their store hours for Sept. 5 to be certain whether your local FedEx is closed.