Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark: 5 reasons to pick up a copy

Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books.
Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books. /

Let’s just put it out there: Sophie Lark is the queen of mafia romance books. Her Brutal Birthright series is one of the best out there so I knew I had to feature Stolen Heir on Culturess.

If you didn’t know, the series was originally indie-published by Sophie Lark and is now being re-released by Bloom Books. Essentially, it’s a way for these books to get into more hands and get even more eyes on Sophie Lark’s work.

Whether you’re new to this series or are a long-time fan of Sophie Lark, you’ll either want to know why you should pick this one up or already have plans to. Either way, I decided to put a twist on the classic review.

Without any more fanfare, let’s get into why you need to pick up a copy of Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark on release day.

Need a reason to read Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark? We’ve got you.

As always, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for putting this one on my radar as I love Sophie Lark. I’m always happy to get her books in front of readers who’ve never heard of her or just want something fun and fresh. With that being said, let’s get into the reasons why it’s a must-read.

1. Stolen Heir is such an unexpected story from start to finish.

Usually, when you start a new romance series and get to Book 2, you can predict which characters are getting a romance next. As for Stolen Heir, this is one of those romances that you won’t see coming if you’ve read Brutal Prince. Regardless, that’s what makes it such an enjoyable read and one of the best in the entire series.

2. Stolen Heir is a Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Before getting into this next reason, you can skip ahead if you don’t want to know anything about this book. This book follows Nessa, the youngest daughter in the Griffin family who is mostly sheltered from the Mafia side of things. That goes completely topsy-turvy when she’s kidnapped by a rival mafia leader’s son, Miko. I’m sure you can guess how that plays into Beauty and the Beast, but I won’t give away too much.

3. Nessa is easily one of the softest yet toughest characters of all time.

When most people think of the best characters in the Brutal Birthright series, no one ever talks about Nessa Griffin. Even so, Nessa does a lot within the pages of Stolen Heir and I just adore the way Sophie Lark wrote her. She could have let everything break her down but she was so strong yet soft in the face of adversity. In addition, she had a pretty great idea of how to pass the time while she was being held captive.

4. The slow-burn romance is worth the wait.

While Sophie Lark’s books are long, they lend themselves well to slow-burn stories and that’s exactly what we get in Stolen Heir. It’s clear Miko and Nessa have an unlikely connection and when they come together, it’s dynamic. He’s such a hardened person and she’s so soft that when their relationship finally evolves into romance, it’s so hard to look away and not fall in love with these two.

5. Nessa is a ballerina and it’s enchanting to read those scenes.

Last but not least, I have to feature a nod to the cover as it features a ballerina on the front and that’s because Nessa is a ballerina. She’s a dancer and she uses dance to express how she’s feeling and make the most of her situation. Even when she’s done being a captive, it’s clear her passion for dance is what drives her. I feel like I could go on and on about Nessa’s character, but let me be clear that I do like Miko but Nessa is just the absolute best.

Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark is out now where your favorite books are sold. 

Will you be picking up Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark? Let us know in the comments!

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