Which celebrity wedding dresses are inspiring trends?

Everyone has an idea of what their dream wedding will look like especially when it comes to wedding dresses. That’s usually the biggest part of being the bride and enjoying your day.

As exciting and fun as weddings are, it takes a lot of planning and sometimes, inspiration from other places. Most notably, some will look at celebrity weddings to help them decide what style of wedding dress they want or what décor they’re inspired by.

Considering that weddings have been happening since the dawn of time, it’s clear why some look to celebrity brides for guidance. It’s hard to know where to start but thankfully, JOOR broke it down for us.

Whether you’re getting married or are helping to plan, these celebrity wedding dresses might be at the top of your favorite bride’s mind.

These celebrity wedding dresses are trending for brides.

Firstly, I’d like to thank JOOR for sharing their data with us and going over data from the last five years to compile this list. Some of the people on this list were surprising yet some felt like they belonged there so let’s start with #1 which is Hailey Bieber. With all the lace detailing, the train, and her gorgeous hair and makeup, it’s no surprise brides are looking for her for some inspo.

The most shocking one is Kourtney Kardashian coming in at #2 on the list as she didn’t have the typical wedding dress. Then again, some brides might be opting for a shorter length and want something a little simpler. Moving onto third place, we have Priyanka Chopra-Jonas who rocked two wedding dresses. With all the lace, beading, and beautiful details plus Nick Jonas at her side, who could say no?

Moving onto #4 and #5, we have Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Richie. These two are pretty recently married with Lopez opting for multiple looks for her big day but I think her blinged-out one was the best. Then for Richie, she wore a gorgeous lace, custom-made dress from Chanel that was sparkly yet not over-the-top.

At #6, we have Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s wedding dress which felt like such a classic look yet had some fun details we rarely see. In the #7 spot is Paris Hilton who wore a floral dream of a dress with some lace and sparkle. From there, we move on to Sarah Hyland who had a gorgeous Vera Wang creation, Stacey Solomon’s fairy-tale-style dress, and lastly, Sophie Turner who got the ultimate man and a lace long-sleeved beauty of a wedding dress.

As you can see, there were some surprises when it came to this list and I’m shocked to see two Jonas wives on the list. I know if they can snag a Jonas, I can be inspired by them but I’d love to know what you think.

Which celebrity wedding dresses would inspire you as a bride? Let us know in the comments!