Silo: Season 1 Develops A New And Exciting Dystopian Future

Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

Silo takes on the dystopian future genre in a way where, while there may be a familiarity with previous shows and movies, it never feels too similar or like another copy of an already existing popular franchise.

While the setting of the underground living environment appears very similar to District Thirteen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, there is a monumental distinction in the story. Silo is not another Hunger Games, and it also lacks direct connections to Divergent. The enclosed space is similar to Snowpiercer, but the amount of far more vast space means it feels like a less claustrophobic environment. Although some elements of the dangers of living underground may remind some fans of The 100’s time in the bunkerSilo is very much its own story.

The first episode is a set-up, introducing the viewers to nearly everything they need to know, starting with Sheriff Holston trying to understand why his wife, Allison, wished to go outside to clean.

But, the first episode is just meant to prepare audiences for the show’s real main character, Juliette Nichols. From the engine, Juliette must step up as the new Sheriff when Holston relieves himself of his position to follow Allison outside. Juliette’s role becomes far more dangerous when she takes on the job, as most of her motivation comes from wanting to know the truth about what happened to her late boyfriend, George.

Plenty of season one uses its time wisely to explain the rules of the Silo, which also highlights that being trapped underground for over a century has resulted in people not knowing the truth about why they are down there or what truly exists outside.

Early on, Silo reveals the devastating reality that the world outside features bright green grass and blue skies. No one else knowing the truth about what really exists outside is a tragedy that needs to be fixed, and with Holston having left the Silo, the question remains who will be next to attempt to show the residents of the Silo what really exists outside and question if it is survivable.

Silo on Apple TV+. /

Season one grows out Juliette’s allies and enemies as she works to learn the truth about George and what lies outside the Silo. The season features a variety of twists and turns, always adding depth to understanding the political complexities and fear that exist in the government’s leaders.

Fear rests as one of the central motivations for the government’s actions. If the residents know too much, they could revolt. They must be kept in the dark to keep order. Except, it is impossible to destroy every remnant of the past, and some make their way past the cracks.

But, while season one’s growth to distinguish itself as a unique portrayal of a dystopian future works in its favor, the cliffhanger ending is something that perfects the long road to the season finale.

Silo introduced several mysteries to the point where it arguably was a bigger mystery series than it was a dystopian future saga. Juliette spends most of the season trying to unravel truths, most of which she succeeds at. Juliette finally learns the truth about George’s death and who is behind a variety of screens watching the residents at all times.

But, when Juliette finally goes outside to clean, it is not the result she was expecting. When Juliette realizes that what she is seeing through her helmet is identical to the video she had seen on screen, she realizes the truth. Walking far enough away, Juliette is met face-to-face with the harsh reality of a horrific wasteland rather than a green landscape.

The image displayed in the Silo had been correct this entire time, and everyone believing that the outside world was filled with bright colors had sadly succumbed to a devastating lie.

The cliffhanger ending leaves a lot to explore inside the Silo and outside with Juliette. Where does Juliette end up? What is really out in the world? The Silo witnessed Juliette walk away, where they believed Allison and Holston had died. Does that make them excited or suspicious of what that could mean about their government?

Ripping the rug out from underneath Juliette and the audience where Silo had suggested the outside world was a safe place waiting to be lived on allowed the stakes to be raised for season two. But it also meant that it did not feel as if the season finale would be predictable.

It adds to the mystery and intrigue of what really happened to lead to the Silo and why those in charge had chosen to lie to everyone rather than reveal the truth. So much of Silo relied on keeping secrets and ensuring that residents remained in the dark, hoping that those stuck inside would not attempt to revolt or grow too curious about the world they lived in.

Curiosity can be a powerful thing, and Silo hints at how it was a big deal, even to the extent of preventing couples from having children where the parents had the potential to be a bit too curious in their world. But secrets can not remain that way forever, and one way or another, things were bound to come out eventually.

When Silo returns for season two, the show can go in various directions to continue to develop the world. There are still so many questions that need answers, and the season one finale’s cliffhanger conclusion leaves plenty of excitement for what comes next.

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