Snowpiercer Deserves The Chance To Air Its Final Season

Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 10 "994 Cars Long" - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT
Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 10 "994 Cars Long" - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT /

Sadly, series cancelations are not exactly surprising. But, the decision to cancel an already renewed and filmed season, such as the final installment of Snowpiercer, is just as frustrating as saying goodbye to a previously canceled show.

TNT had given Snowpiercer the green light to continue and conclude its story with the fourth and final season. But then TNT changed its mind, similar to the HBO Max originals cancelations and that of Chad, by deciding not to air the dystopian show’s final group of episodes.

While Snowpiercer’s third season may have ended in a way that answered its biggest question of the season, with Layton’s group arriving at a warmer climate, there were still plenty of questions to be answered.

What becomes of society now for those who separated from the train? What about the group that remained on Snowpiercer and decided against risking it all for a warmer environment?

The already filmed fourth season likely has the answers to those questions, and the audience, characters, and all those involved with the creation and production of the series deserve a chance at closure and a proper ending.

TNT may have decided against allowing its audience to learn what happens next or get closure to the story, but that does not mean that it can not be saved by another network or streaming service.

Netflix gifted Manifest fans the chance at a natural ending after NBC canceled the show. Roku offered Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist fans a Christmas-themed movie to say one final goodbye to the characters and offer a chance at an absolute sense of closure. Snowpiercer fans deserve the same, especially since they had been promised a continuation, unlike other shows which were saved after cancelation.

There is only one season left in Snowpiercer, and someone should give its audience a chance to learn what happened next and say goodbye to the world and characters viewers had grown so attached to.

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