Nintendo to launch new Super Mario games with Princess Peach and Mario

Thanks to the commercial success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which brought in $1.3 billion from international box office sales, Nintendo will release a series of brand-new games.

The first of the few is “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” set to power up store shelves on October 20th for the Switch. At the Nintendo Direct on June 21st, the trailer was released. The game has the aesthetics Super Mario is known for, including lively music, adorable characters, and Mario’s vocal exclaims. Bright colors will be incorporated throughout each stage to give players a more enjoyable experience.

Did we mention “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” will introduce a brand new Mario persona? It’s Elephant Mario, and according to Games Rader, Elephant Mario gets his superpowers when he “grabs” a trunked apple. Currently, the power abilities are under wraps, but if any of the previous personas taught hardcore players anything, their powers are related to their costumes.

And don’t worry. Mario will not be the only famed character in the game. Princess Peach, Luigi, Daisy, Princess Peach, and Toad will join him in many adventures in “Wonder.”

You can see the trailer below.

Speaking of the characters, Princess Peach will be headlining her own Switch game in 2024. The title, narrative, and antagonists are unavailable yet, but they will be when the launch date gets closer.

From what we can see in the just-under-30-second trailer, Peach is in a world all her own, taking in a star buddy to assist her through the journeys.

Because you always need a buddy to guide you along.

In 2005, Peach got her very first game on Nintendo DS. Titled “Super Princess Peach,” the character arcs are switched, and instead of the brothers saving the Princess, she has to save them.

Princess Peach indeed came a long way since her early gaming days in the 1980s, and now, she’s a leader in her own (well-earned) right.

So much so that the Princess led in the movie rather than being rescued.

“In the games, we kept Peach as a damsel in distress who is rescued by Mario for a while, but we wanted to make her a playable character and a more powerful princess,” says Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto for Variety. “We pushed that even further for the movie.”

Lastly, the1996 “Super Mario RPG” will be getting revamped for the Switch, which will drop on November 17. Graphics will go through restoration in the updated version, and to top it off, fans will get to meet a Fat Baby Yoshi!

Join Mario, Bowser, Peach, and original characters, Mallow and Geno in an RPG filled with twists and turns,” the official Nintendo of America tweeted.