Same Time Next Summer is the ultimate beach read for 2023

Same Time Next Summer. Image courtesy Putnam
Same Time Next Summer. Image courtesy Putnam /

There is something so romantic about reading books set in summer. That’s exactly the sentiment shared within Same Time Next Summer.

With a title such as Same Time Next Summer, one can imagine the promise of something more and that’s something we often see in romance novels. While other books employ the same trope, it works best in romance novels.

However, everything you might imagine Annabel Monaghan is going to do goes completely out the window. As this is release day, I won’t be discussing any spoilers yet there is so much to be talked about so if you have read it, you’ll have to reach out to me on social media.

If you’re looking forward to this book or considering picking it up, let’s get into why it’s such a great book to throw into your beach bag.

Same Time Next Summer is the ultimate beach read for 2023.

As evidenced by the book’s title, this book follows Sam, living her perfect life with her fiancé, Jack. The two head up to meet Sam’s parents who neglect to tell her that her old flame is staying at the beach house next store. From that point on, the plot gets going.

After Sam sees Wyatt again, we flashback and forward to the present day and the time when the two first met. Additionally, the entire story is told in third-person yet each chapter follows either Sam or Wyatt. While it can sometimes be a bit confusing, Same Time Next Summer is so fast-paced that you won’t even notice.

As this is a romance novel, I’m sure you can guess what happens but the book isn’t just about the romance. Rather, Sam is stuck in a rut. She’s dealing with a fiancé she feels meh about, a job she doesn’t like, and dreads the thought of starting over. While staying at her family’s beach house, she’s able to think things through and see more clearly.

While the book has its fair share of sad and heartbreaking moments, it’s amazing to see how much work Sam does to become the person she wants to be. As we grow older, I’m sure most of us can relate to that sentiment of “being too much.” Same Time Next Summer throws that out the window and allows Sam to do what it takes to be herself.

I will say that I can see this book not being work for everyone as the romance isn’t the entire plot. We do see these characters grow up and deal with a lot as teens. For Sam, losing Wyatt is especially taxing and it does break her down in a way only first loves do. Eventually, she’s able to repair herself as best as she can.

While it was sometimes a bit predictable, Annabel Monaghan wrote enough drama to keep me intrigued. My only complaint was the messiness between Sam and Wyatt’s families, which felt a bit over the top. Overall, I’d say Same Time Next Summer is the ultimate beach read, and one I know will be popular this summer.

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Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan is out now wherever books are sold. 

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