Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler is an absolute delight

Mrs. Nash's Ashes. Image courtesy Berkley
Mrs. Nash's Ashes. Image courtesy Berkley /

If there’s one trope that’s taken over the bookish world within the last five years, it’s grumpy-sunshine romances. That’s why I was so excited to pick up Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler.

Including the fact that she wrote a guest post for Culturess, I was immediately intrigued by the title and premise of this story. While I won’t get into that just yet, I’m sure you can see the cover above and marvel at it.

The cover just screams summer to me yet Mrs. Nash’s Ashes have such a unique title that immediately causes questions to pop up in your mind. No matter what reason compelled you to pick up Sarah Adler’s debut, then you’re in the right place.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes are no doubt going to be on many a summer TBR so we’re here to share our thoughts on it. Of course, I’d like to thank the publisher for sending me an ARC and a finished copy.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler is a delightfully bittersweet romance.

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this book obviously deals with death and losing a loved one so if you’re sensitive to that, I’d recommend steering clear of Mrs. Nash’s Ashes. If you can handle the subject matter though, this is the perfect book to enjoy this summer so let’s get into what it’s about.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes follows Millie who is the roommate and best friend of Mrs. Nash before her death. After she dies, she’s determined to reunite with her long-lost love even though it’s only her ashes. Unfortunately, her flight is canceled and she ends up taking a road trip with an acquaintance of hers, Hollis.

These two are the most unlikely pairing as they head off on a road trip from Washington D.C. to Florida. For Hollis, it’s a trip of business and pleasure while Millie is determined to reunite Mrs. Nash with Elsie. However, everything that can go wrong does go wrong and it makes for some great comic relief. The road trip is also inter-spliced with Mrs. Nash’s love story and it’s honestly such a harrowing tale of love and loss.

While Mrs. Nash’s Ashes is certainly a sad and melancholy book at times, the characters are what shone. Millie felt like the embodiment of Jess Day while Hollis felt like a much grumpier version of Nick Miller. Regardless, the two ended up making such a delightful pair and I honestly couldn’t get enough of them once they took their relationship to the next level.

I also enjoyed the addition of Millie being a beloved child actor who basically quit acting because of creeps. As far as characters went, I feel like Sarah Adler nailed everyone as they felt like such real people.

The only thing I didn’t love was that it felt like the story had too much conflict at the end. It all seemed to happen at once before things finally started to simmer down. The romance also felt like it started off a little slow for my liking. Regardless, those are some kinks that can be worked out after publishing her debut.

Overall, I feel like Mrs. Nash’s Ashes is a great beach read. It has such a delightful romance at its heart too. I think it will appeal to a variety of romance lovers too. With such an interesting title though, I feel like it’ll be picked up regardless.

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Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler is out now wherever books are sold. 

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