5 reasons to read The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan

The King Maker. Image courtesy Bloom Books
The King Maker. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

If there’s one romance author who can do no wrong, it’s Kennedy Ryan. I feel like all of my fellow romance readers can attest to that statement, especially with The Kingmaker.

If you’ve never read Kennedy Ryan, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. She’s a romance author who will rip your heart out, stomp on it and then put it back together in the end. She is the queen of heart-wrenching and emotional romances yet her books are undeniably great.

Originally published in 2019 and now being republished by Bloom Books in 2023, The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan still remains one of the best romance books I’ve ever read, and upon re-read, it was just as great.

If you’ve never read The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan, then let’s break down why you need to pick it up on release day.

These are five reasons why you need to pick up The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for sending me finished copies of both The Kingmaker and Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan. I appreciate it so much because I just adore Kennedy Ryan and I’m happy for all the success she’s having. It’s incredibly well deserved and that’s why I needed to feature this one even though I’ve read it already.

1. The Kingmaker has such incredibly well-developed characters.

There are so many great things about The Kingmaker but one of my favorites is the characters who we meet after very different points in their lives. While we follow both Maxim and Lennix, Lennix Moon Hunter really steals the show for me. We meet her at 17 and she’s already hanging the world while Maxim is grappling with his parentage and their different ideals.

Lennix deals with so much throughout the three parts of this book that I honestly could have read a book about just her and I would have adored it.

2. The romance between Lennix and Maxim is of epic proportions.

If there’s one sentiment that rings true about this romance, it’s that love always finds a way and that’s exactly how I feel about Lennix and Maxim. These two meet while Lennix is underage and then they meet again before meeting a third time. With how long this romance spans, there is no way you can call it anything aside from epic.

3. The Kingmaker doesn’t pull any punches with your emotions.

If you’ve read Kennedy Ryan before, you’ll know she writes emotional romances. She will kick you in the teeth with emotion and that’s exactly how I feel about The Kingmaker. While the second book is more emotional, these characters deal with a lot.

Lennix is dealing with the loss of her mother and trying to find her place in the world while Maxim is dealing with a strained family relationship. Coupled with the ending of this book, you’ll be dying for book 2 to be out already.

4. The passion between Lennix and Maxim jumps off the page.

To me, there is nothing sexier than a couple who is so clearly meant to be together and that’s exactly how I feel about Lennix and Maxim. These two dealt with so much together and apart yet the work they put into their relationship was impressive. They dealt with more than most couples will deal with in a lifetime.

While I don’t think sex scenes always showcase a couple’s love, the passion flowed out of these scenes and made it all the more sexy.

5. It’s the best place to start if you’re a first-time Kennedy Ryan reader.

As someone who has read a lot of Kennedy Ryan books, I can confidently say that The Kingmaker is the best place to start. While the book does have its emotional moments, it doesn’t rip your heart out as much. It just gives you the first taste of Kennedy Ryan’s writing style, how she writes her romances, and just how in-depth her stories can be.

Honestly, if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you to read The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan, then I don’t know what else to tell you. I don’t even think you need these reasons as the book really does speak for itself.

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The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan is out now in paperback from Bloom Books. 

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