So Help Me Todd: How Did Season 1 End For Margaret and Todd?

Margaret and Todd Wright have been through a lot since the series premiere. They have transformed their dynamic from an antagonistic back-and-forth to a far friendlier relationship that has kept the wit and charm the first season has held from the beginning. But, the season one finale finally delivers on big promises and answers.

Margaret’s wish to be promoted to Partner finally comes to fruition after she stands up to her boss. Margaret has proven time and again that she is a capable, competent lawyer who deserves the promotion. Her latest victory with Todd is the most recent example of her ability to come out of court with a win.

Proving to be someone capable of standing up and advocating for herself earns Margaret the long-awaited job. Margaret’s finalized divorce relieves her from continuing to deal with her ex-husband Harry. Margaret even re-ignited a flame with Gus, which had briefly burnt out after learning he was a potential candidate for the Partner position. For the most part, things are looking up. Unfortunately, not everything is looking great.

When Margaret can finally take a breath and feel like her life is moving in the right direction, Harry shows up back in her home from Iceland, and questions arise on how Margaret will handle his return.

It took Margaret a while to move beyond his betrayal. However, there is no way she could forget how he had abandoned her in favor of secretly moving to Iceland with the wish of never seeing Margaret again. Season two will determine how Margaret will handle Harry’s re-appearance in her life, but no one will likely warmly receive him.

Meanwhile, Todd must step up when his mother’s sickness means she can not appear in court. Todd’s claims of being a representative of the people remain within the law, but it also means that he must continue acting as their counsel.

Such a conflict forces Todd to understand his mother’s side of the story. But thinking ahead allows Margaret to be the voice in his ear while highlighting how far they have come. Being in sync enables the duo to win their case while revealing the truth. After all his time spent working with his mother, Todd even gets his private investigator license.

But will Todd leave it at that? After learning that Susan left for Las Vegas with Peter, he may have one more move up his sleeve. So Help Me Todd’s season finale ends before revealing if Todd decided to rush after Susan or went home.

Todd and Susan’s friendship has been on the precipice of something more all season, and Susan did not seem she had convinced herself that marrying Peter was what she truly wanted. So had she gone through with the wedding?

Otherwise, Allison also faces the emotional aftermath of asking for a divorce from Chuck. Allison has spent season one secretly miserable about her life. But, with her divorce in motion, she finds herself uncertain of what comes next.

She had plans for her life which are now thrown away with her marriage ending. But it also gives her a chance to truly come alive in season two. Without being held back by a marriage she no longer wants, Allison can find herself and discover what she desires.

Significant changes are coming to So Help Me Todd, and season two has plenty of avenues to explore with its main characters when the show returns.