All American’s Season 5 Finale Features A Huge Engagement

All American -- "Protect Ya Neck"-- Image Number: ALA210b_0321b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Greta Onieogou as Layla and Michael Evans Behling as Jordan -- Photo: Eddy Chen/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "Protect Ya Neck"-- Image Number: ALA210b_0321b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Greta Onieogou as Layla and Michael Evans Behling as Jordan -- Photo: Eddy Chen/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

All American’s season five finale, “Now That We Found Love,” ends by focusing on all the show’s central couples. After JJ finds an engagement ring hidden in the beach house, the question is raised about which of the other three residents could be planning a proposal.

Asher makes the most expected, traditional, and logical sense. He and Jaymee have been together for a while and going strong, but they also have a child on the way. It would not be the biggest surprise for Asher to determine that marriage would be in the cards between an incoming baby and moving in together.

Except, the ring is not Asher’s. He is more than happy where they are, and he never fights Jaymee when she admits to not wanting to get married.

Spencer gets a fun fake-out moment as well. At one point, after meeting up with Olivia, he gets down on his knee, only to stand back up with a blanket instead of a ring. Spencer and Olivia have not been together all season, so while they may want to be together, proposing would be jumping a massive step.

Instead, the season five finale does offer Olivia and Spencer closure to their long, drawn-out journey. He gives her a fun day before she leaves for London that night, and part of it involves jumping back through time, looking back on how they met and how Olivia has been there for Spencer since the beginning.

All American does not force a cliffhanger wondering if the duo will get back together. “Now That We Found Love” delivers Spencer’s race to the airport in hopes of catching Olivia before she gets on the plane, and he gives the heartfelt love confession that has been a long-time coming.

While Olivia still goes to London, separating them for three months, they each have something to look forward to when they reunite. Still, while Spencer and Olivia’s moment is one that the season had well-paced out, the ring did not belong to Spencer, either.

In the end, the engagement ring belonged to Jordan. Layla and Jordan’s dynamic had gone above and beyond to prove their compatibility as friends and in their romantic relationship. They have been consistent and robust since officially dating as well.

Billy’s death ignited something in Jordan, though. He gained an understanding that life is far shorter than he once considered, and losing his father is one of the factors that encourages Jordan to grab hold of his happiness with Layla.

Jordan repeatedly declares that being with Layla makes him happier than he had ever been, and he decides that one of the best things he can do is show her how much she means to him.

Although Jordan has already undergone a marriage plot with Simone, there are stark differences between the two relationships, or in this case, engagements.

When Jordan and Simone got married, it was a surprise that the two wanted to secretly marry in Las Vegas. It did not feel heavily thought out between the two of them. There was never a proposal, and the entire Las Vegas plot seemed like a bigger excuse to bring Spencer and Olivia’s feelings for each other to the forefront rather than making it about Simone and Jordan.

However, the season five finale explains where Jordan is coming from, and showing an actual proposal signifies this is far more serious. Jordan explains where his desire to propose comes from, and although they may have only been dating for a few months, Layla and Jordan have known each other their entire lives.

Jordan and Layla have had one of the strongest bonds demonstrated throughout the fifth season, so having them move forward as getting married is a decision that offers them both hope and happiness to close out the season.

Sadly, not everyone got to close out the season on a positive note. The growing subplot of Patience facing trouble finally comes to a head in the episode’s final moments. Miko proves herself a danger to Patience when she shows up at the house and stabs Patience. Miko leaves immediately, and Patience is left with an open wound.

Considering Coop was supposedly on her way over to Patience, hoping to re-ignite their romance, she may not be too far away to help Patience quickly get to a hospital.

Otherwise, Laura is also making strides in considering a new career path after realizing she may have a passion for teaching. Previously being in the classroom with Coop allowed Laura to get in touch with a side of herself that she had not anticipated.

With season five’s conclusion, there is plenty to look forward to in season six.

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