The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick: Read an excerpt

The Bride Wore White. Image courtesy Berkley
The Bride Wore White. Image courtesy Berkley /

Some authors can do it all when it comes to writing. To me, one of those authors is easily Amanda Quick who has an upcoming release with The Bride Wore White.

This is actually the 7th book in her Burning Cove series which can be read as a standalone. The series can be read as standalone as they follow different characters but I feel like there’s something so nice about reading the entire series. Maybe I’m just a completionist but I do love reading a series in order.

While you might not recognize Amanda Quick from this penname, she actually writes under a more recognizable name which is Jayne Ann Krentz. Under Jayne Ann Krentz, she writes contemporary romantic suspense stories while under Amanda Quick, she mostly writes historical romances.

However, the Burning Cove series is more of a historical fiction with some romantic elements and even some mystery mixed in there, too. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-box, then I think you’ll be extremely interested in our excerpt from The Bride Wore White.

We have an exclusive excerpt of The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick.

Before share the excerpt, I want to thank Berkley for setting this up and Amanda Quick for sharing this excerpt. If you’re excited about this series or want a taste of Amanda Quick’s writing, then I won’t waste anymore time.

"Prudence eyed Jack, not bothering to conceal her skepticism, and then turned back to Luther. “What in the world makes you think Mr. Wingate is the right consultant to handle this disaster?”“Mostly because he appears to be interested. Is that right, Jack?”Jack inclined his head once in short, brusque agreement. “It’s an intriguing case.”She could hardly believe what she was hearing. “That’s the reason you are assigning him to this investigation, Mr. Pell? Because he appears interested? I’m sorry if Mr. Wingate has a problem with boredom, but I’m not here to keep him busy or to distract him. He can go to the movies if he needs entertainment.”“Jack doesn’t take an interest in every case,” Luther said. “When he does, it usually means he’s the right person for the job. Also, he happens to be convenient. He recently moved here to Burning Cove.”She shot another look at Jack. He appeared interested, all right. Maybe a little too interested.Initially she had detected what she had concluded was detached curiosity in his hard-to-read eyes. She had asked Pell if Jack was his secretary, but that had been pure sarcasm. The truth was that when they were introduced, she had wondered if Jack was one of Pell’s mobster associates. Maggie had told her that Luther was rumored to have connections to the criminal underworld.Dark haired and cold eyed, with a face that looked as if it had been chiseled from granite, and the attitude to match, Wingate certainly could have been a visiting crime lord. But she had been forced to reevaluate her conclusion when she realized he was watching her the way a dedicated lepidopterist might examine an unusual butterfly. She got the feeling he was trying to decide if she was a rare enough specimen to be added to his collection.Her intuition had stirred. Who or what are you collecting, Jack Wingate?She realized it was her reaction to him that disconcerted her the most. She was both wary and intrigued, and that was confounding, because he was definitely not her type. In fact, he did not fit into any of the usual categories.She got the impression that at some point he had made the decision to take a step back from life and watch others from a safe distance. She would not be surprised to learn that the scars had been the reason for his retreat into the shadows.Something about his hard eyes told her that he saw more than he wanted to see. He was not so much lonely as alone, but he deliberately generated that isolation.She reminded herself that she was not attracted to the dour, withdrawn type. After the fiasco with Julian, she had made a conscious decision to date only cheerful, optimistic, good-natured men who liked to dance until dawn. Men who laughed easily. Men who were not ready to get serious about romantic relationships. Men who did not press for the kind of physical intimacy she now knew she could not risk. Men who were not inclined to be possessive. When it came to romance, she was determined to become a professional flirt. She planned to pursue that objective just as soon as she got the rest of her life back on track.No question about it—Jack did not meet any of her requirements. Optimism and a cheerful nature were clearly alien concepts to him. He would never be a charming flirt. He was not a man who would ever laugh easily. If he did allow himself to get involved in a romantic relationship, he would be very, very serious about it.Nope, not her type. But that was a good thing because she needed a professional investigator, not a date.She gave him a chilly smile. “When was the last time you got involved in a case because you happened to be interested and you found the situation convenient, Mr. Wingate?”“It’s been a while,” Jack said. “I can check my appointment calendar if it’s a matter of concern to you.”She watched him for a long moment, but she knew she was wasting time. It was not as if she had a meaningful choice.She turned back to Luther. “I’m sure Mr. Wingate and I will get along splendidly. What could possibly go wrong?”“Good question,” Jack said. “I can work out the probability of disaster if you give me a little time.”She pretended to ignore him and kept her attention on Luther."

I don’t know about you, but that excerpt has me intrigued for many things but mostly Prudence’s reaction to Jack…I am sensing a romance there. Even though I haven’t picked up the other books in the series, this one might do the trick for me.

Additionally, The Bride Wore White has such a stunning cover to boot. Honestly, I feel like you can’t go wrong even if you decide to start with book 7 and work your way back.

The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick is coming out May 2nd, 2023. 

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