Be a Paid Influencer with GalaGala

LVIV, UKRAINE - 2023/04/24: A woman takes a selfie next to Sakura trees blooming in downtown. (Photo by Mykola Tys/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
LVIV, UKRAINE - 2023/04/24: A woman takes a selfie next to Sakura trees blooming in downtown. (Photo by Mykola Tys/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The amount of content being created on the internet has never been higher and being an influencer is becoming a legitimate career more and more. Though influencing looks easy, it can take an unlimited amount of time to build enough of a fanbase to be a career influencer.  From identifying a niche to posting consistent and unique content, responding quickly to trends, and much much more, it can be hard to start a career in content creation. GalaGala is here to help.

Become a Creator with GALAGALA

GalaGala is a unique online, beauty marketplace where you can purchase products from awesome, up-and-coming beauty brands like Alleyoop, Naked Sundays, and Ursa Major. Then, you can post content with those products on Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and Youtube and get paid for views. Yes, it’s that simple, just be sure to include your GalaGala affiliate link in your bio, tag and the brand(s) featured in your content, and use the hashtag #GALAGALA. There’s no minimum follower requirement and you can make the content you want to make– be as creative as you want to be.

You can also make more money through GalaGala by using your affiliate link. You can drive sales from any social media platform, send it to your friends and family, or use it in any other creative way you can think up. The sky’s the limit to being an influencer with GalaGala, and they make it so easy and accessible!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Think again…

GalaGala was created by Julian Reis, the CEO & Founder of SuperOrdinary, “the leading global growth partner and marketplace expert connecting brands, creators, and consumers everywhere” (source). SuperOrdinary has worked with brands like Olaplex, Ouai, Peace Out Cosmetics, and Physicians Formula, so it’s clear he knows about beauty, marketing, and promoting brands and creators. SuperOrdinary, recently hitting $180 million in revenue, is a company that specializes in analyzing global marketplaces and consumers to help emerging beauty brands gain traction in those markets through successful influencers and creators. The GalaGala founder not only knows beauty and marketing, but it’s clear he has a vested interest and tremendous success in accelerating new beauty brands. GalaGala is now a way to accelerate those new brands and new influencers.

The product selection on GalaGala is very accessible as well! There’s a broad product selection from makeup and skincare to supplements to haircare and beauty tools. The products on GalaGala all have a “how to use” guide and a transparent ingredient list. Best of all, there are products at a variety of price points! From the luxurious, $295 Super Nova Hydrating Retinol Serum from Joanna Vargas to smooth the appearance of fine lines; to the fabulous $8 Sage Styling Cream from Malin and Goetz that has a wide variety of styling uses; to the beautiful, SPF50 Golden Glow Body Sunscreen from Naked Sundays for $34 to meet all of our sun protection needs, there are products on GalaGala for every beauty need at a wide variety of price points. A seemingly endless source of content!

In Summary:

GalaGala is an accessible launch point for aspiring influencers to earn money before they have millions of fans and consistent engagement. Content creators can make money in a couple of different, yet simple ways through the site and support awesome, emerging beauty brands in the process. This, of course, is not sponsored but I’m excited to try the products I’ve ordered through GalaGala. It seems like the earning potential is limitless and so accessible for new influencers and creators.

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