The Nanny by Lana Ferguson is a steamy yet sweet romance

The Nanny by Lana Ferguson. Image courtesy Berkley Books
The Nanny by Lana Ferguson. Image courtesy Berkley Books /

There is something exciting yet nerve-wracking about picking up a debut author. With the pitch for The Nanny by Lana Ferguson though, it jumped right up my TBR.

When it comes to romance books, a lot of us have the adage that if it’s steamier, we’re down to read it and for me, that’s always been the case. However, The Nanny by Lana Ferguson feels like it’s in a league of its own.

While traditionally published books usually are a bit more chaste, The Nanny does not follow that rule. Everything about this book is full steam from when the book starts until it ends and it’s just undeniably hot to put it simply.

If you’ve been looking at the cover for The Nanny or just want to know a bit before you take the leap and buy it, I’m here to convince you.

The Nanny brings steam and romance together in Lana Ferguson’s debut.

Let me just start off by thanking Berkley for sending me an ARC and allowing me to read this one early. I was so excited about it and honestly, my excitement didn’t wane for the majority of the book. With that being said, let’s get into the plot.

The Nanny is about Cassie, an unemployed former OnlyFans performer who ends up getting a job as a live-in nanny. Aside from the pay being amazing, her boss, Aiden Reid is smoking hot and a chef so the temptation is there. At first, Cassie is able to play dutiful nanny to Sophie who tolerates her at best to start.

As they live together longer, the attraction between Cassie and Aiden is undeniable yet it all comes to a head when Cassie realizes Aiden was one of her clients. He wasn’t just a client though as they had a special relationship and bond when she was performing. That throws a monkeywrench into things quickly.

Honestly, there was a lot I loved about this book. Firstly, it was incredibly sexy and steamy. The way Aiden talked to Cassie and how filthy their scenes together were, I needed a fan. This was so hot for being a traditionally published book. I also enjoyed Cassie as a character since she’s working on herself and becoming a better person while also working and juggling a friendship with Wanda, her elderly best friend.

Another aspect I loved was how close Cassie and Sophie became. Sophie wasn’t willing to budge at the beginning but the two eventually became close and it was adorable to watch it happen. I mean Aiden, Cassie, and Sophie went to Disneyland for Sophie’s birthday which was just so dang adorable.

I feel like my issues are ones that are understandable as Lana Ferguson is a debut author but I didn’t enjoy the third-act conflict in this book. It felt a bit cheesy and over-the-top or it could have been switched out for something else. The only other complaint I had was the “villain” of the story who I understood by the end but I also couldn’t sympathize with either. Maybe it was just me.

The Nanny was such a delightful debut by Lana Ferguson. I’ll definitely have her on my radar for next year and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her.

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The Nanny by Lana Ferguson is out now wherever books are sold! 

Will you be picking up The Nanny this spring? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.