9 romance novels to add to your March 2023 TBR list

Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books /
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Not the Plan
Not the Plan by Gia De Cadenet. Image courtesy Dell /

Moving onto the romance novels published in February, there is actually one I don’t hear anyone talking about and that’s Not the Plan by Gia De Cadenet. This is a romance between Isadora and Karim who have a meet-cute but eventually meet again and find out they’re working for opposing political leaders.

The story does focus a lot on their romance, but I really enjoyed the external plot, too. There was a lot of political maneuvering and scandals so it was messy but fun. The romance was the high point of the story but the characters were fun and I wish more people picked this one up.

Another book I don’t hear much excitement around is Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year by Rochelle Bilow. I feel like this book is the perfect one if you’re looking for a spring read because it follows Ruby as she goes to Scotland to try and find inspiration for her cookbook yet it ends up being her romance with Brochan.

Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year is such an immersive story that you’ll feel like you’re in Scotland with everyone and wish you could spend the day with Ruby and explore Scotland. I just hope more people decide to pick it up this spring.

These next four books are very popular, but worth the read if you missed them.

As I said, I won’t go into much depth about these next 4 books as they’re all extremely popular plus they’re all sequels so you’ll probably want to read the rest of the series before picking them up.

First up is Final Offer by Lauren Asher. This is the final book in her Dreamland Billionaires series and it’s Cal’s story that we’ve all been waiting for. I absolutely devoured my ARC of this book and I know I’ll be revising it again in the future. However, if you’re sensitive to addiction or substance abuse, then I’d tread lightly.

Next is Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score. This is Nash’s story and his romance with Lina who ends up being exactly the woman he needs. This is another book with a slightly heavy topic as Lina is dealing with a heart condition while Nash is dealing with trauma after the events of book 1. Regardless, I adored this book and can’t wait to dive into the third book in the Knockemout series.

Moving to my final two, they’re both dark romances and the first is Radiant Sin by Katee Robert which is book 4 in her Dark Olympus series. This is Cassandra and Apollo’s story which I couldn’t get enough of. I read this book in two sittings and I’m currently doing a reread of the series. I just adore this world and Katee Robert’s writing so if you haven’t read it yet, you NEED to.

Last but not least is Twisted by Emily McIntire. This is book 4 in her Never After series and this is her take on Jasmine and Jafar. In this one, Yasmin and Julian are forced to get married so her father will feel like she’s secure upon his death while Julian wants to get control of the company. These two have the most undeniable chemistry and now is the time to get caught up on this series before book 5 comes out later this year.

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What were some of your reading highlights from February? Any standout romance novels? Share in the comments!