Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score: A Review

Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books
Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books /

On a list of anticipated releases, Lucy Score is always high on the list, and in 2023, I’m sure all of us have been waiting for Things We Hide From The Light. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer for the release as it’s finally release day.

However, I was able to read an ARC which was kindly sent to me by Bloom Books. I also got to do a reveal for the cover and can I just say one thing? It was gorgeous and exactly the cover Nash’s story needed.

Before getting into my review though, all of my thoughts will be spoiler-free. I know not everyone will get a chance to read it on the release date or have time to get it until the weekend. If you want to know my spoiler thoughts though, be sure to reach out to me on Twitter so we can discuss them.

Without much more discussion though, let’s get into my thoughts on Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score.

Things We Hide From The Light is an action-packed yet emotional romp.

Let’s just be honest before I get into the review. If you haven’t read Things We Never Got Over, then you need to read it before you read this one. There are a few loose ends in terms of plotlines you won’t understand unless you read the first book. Aside from that, you’re good to start this one upon finishing it.

Things We Hide From The Light follows Nash who after the events of book 1 is feeling jaded and totally unlike himself and the romance he has with Lina, his brother Knox’s best friend. While it might seem like these two have nothing in common, the attraction between them can’t help but sizzle amidst all of the plot going on.

Before getting into the plot, I have to gush about the romance. Nash and Lina seem like they’re going to be complete opposites, but the two can’t stay away from each other. Nash wants to protect Lina despite everything he’s dealing with and all Lina can seem to do is take care of him unlike anyone else in his circle can.

Both of these characters go through so much during the story. Nash, he’s dealing with the aftermath of being shot along with having to try and retain a somewhat normal life. Lina, she’s working on an undercover mission involving someone who hurt Nash and dealing with the effects of a near-death experience from childhood.

While Nash and Lina are dealing with a lot individually, the two are also thrust together for Naomi and Knox’s wedding which is being planned in the background. Everything comes to a head amidst trying to figure out who shot Nash, what they want, and how the group can finally take them down.

Similar to Things We Never Got Over, this one doesn’t skimp on the action. If anything, that bit of romantic suspense in the small-town backdrop works. Maybe it’s how Lucy Score writes, but it never feels over the top. Let me just say that the weapon Lina used at the very end of the book was a thing of beauty and in a word: iconic.

Everything about Things We Hide From The Light was delightful, but I will say proceed with caution especially if you’re sensitive to topics including heart conditions, an alcoholic parent, and gun violence. Aside from that, you can expect a cute dog, tons of cute and fun moments between Lina and Nash, and easily one of my favorite fictional friend groups.

As far as small-town romances go, this series has become a new favorite of mine and I only hope Lucy Score hears me when I say I need Lucian and Sloane’s book in my hands ASAP. Until then, Things We Hide From The Light is out now for you to enjoy.

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