Zachary Levi makes a good point about future with DC

Shazam! Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max
Shazam! Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max /

Everything related to DC movies is in shambles right now. If there’s one person who doesn’t seem phased, it’s Zachary Levi.

All of us know Levi as Billy Batson/Shazam! But you might also recognize him as the voice of Flynn Ryder from Tangled or Chuck from the popular TV series. Regardless of how you know of Levi, he’s been highly vocal in promoting Shazam! Fury of Gods.

While a lot of DC actors have shared their displeasure with recent changes, Levi surprisingly doesn’t seem bothered. I’ll share the quote from his interview below, but I must say Levi’s take on the entire DC situation is a  breath of fresh air.

In an interview with Yahoo, Zachary Levi made an interesting statement: ”As a franchise we have kind of been doing our own thing, anyway. We weren’t really tied to a lot of what already existed. So as long as they see fit to want to keep making Shazam! movies, and it’s right for me in my life, I’ll keep playing this role as long as I can.” There’s a lot to unpack so let’s dive into it.

Zachary Levi has a surprisingly solid outlook on his future with DC.

As someone who has been keeping tabs on DC stars and their reactions, Zachary Levi seems to be making an interesting point. That’s not to say other actors don’t have a right to their feelings but somehow, it might end up being a blessing in disguise. In particular, I feel like Levi’s thoughts could open the door for more.

The one thing I really agree with from what Zachary Levi said was that Shazam! tends to stand as its own franchise and that’s true. The film seems so far removed from the other DC films because it’s not trying to be something it’s not.

As much as I enjoyed Wonder Woman 1984, it lacked the magic of the first movie and relied too much on certain tropes. As for Shazam!, the film is less about relying on tropes and more about having fun. Yes, superhero movies can be serious but personally, I feel like having fun is more important than working on a large and complicated story. I understand it needs to happen sometimes, but Shazam! doesn’t rely on that.

Additionally, Levi also pointed out that the franchise isn’t really connected to anything else at this point which opens the door for some crossover. This new DC overhaul seems as though it’s going to be extremely regimented which is the exact opposite of Shazam! Personally, I’d love to see Shazam!  show us, Henry Cavill, as Superman one more time before he hangs up the cape.

That might be asking for too much, but I do agree with Levi’s sentiment on it. Aside from getting a paycheck, he’s there to have fun, playing Billy Batson/Shazam! That’s something I think people can tend to forget when they get wrapped up in the lore and storylines. Either way, I’d love to see more Shazam! movies in the future but we’ll see what happens under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The new direction for DC doesn’t seem like it’s working for anyone right now, but all I can say is hopefully, it doesn’t affect the future of Shazam! and any other planned projects featuring Levi.

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods is set for release on March 17th, 2023. 

What do you think of Zachary Levi’s comments? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!