Will DC ever stop bringing down the Batgirl movie?

The new slate of DC films and TV series is in the making with Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters yet Batgirl is still being discussed.

On the whole, I’m sure a lot of us were disappointed by the film being shelved. Considering that we’ve already gotten 2 Harley Quinn movies, it was nice to see another female hero being at the forefront of a DC franchise.

That’s not to say Wonder Woman can’t hold her own, but she also ended up being among those put on the back burner for this first chapter. In particular, though, it feels especially cutting to see Batgirl being rehashed and disrespected again.

Overall though to me, it feels like Batgirl has gotten the brunt of the criticism when in reality, it’s more about DC and its management than anything else.

Why are Batgirl and its shelving being rehashed in 2023 already?

If there’s one DC decision I have a qualm with, it’s the shelving of Batgirl. This is a multi-layered qualm, though. Firstly, we were FINALLY getting a Batgirl movie after tons of Batman movies and even, some Harley Quinn films. Additionally, she was being played by Leslie Grace who seemed like the perfect embodiment of the character.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m sure all of us were looking forward to seeing Brendan Fraser in another big role. His comeback has been nothing short of miraculous. Seeing him in a completely new light though would have been incredible. Last but not least, let’s not ignore the fact that the Flash film is still being released despite everything going on with Ezra Miller.

What truly baffles me the most is why DC continues to bring up the film. Why must we rehash the film being canceled and how “unreleasable” is it? Clearly, none of us will ever get to see the Batgirl movie so discussing it repeatedly does nothing but piss people off. In particular, it’s especially annoying with all the bizarre additions coming to DC during this phase.

Additionally, it’s completely disrespectful to all the people who were featured or worked on the film. While it might not have gotten the same TLC as other projects, I don’t think it deserves to keep being discussed over and over again. I applaud Leslie Grace in particular for being so positive and sharing her thoughts without being petty because I’d be ready to throw hands.

Either way, I will say that I can only hope we all get to see Leslie Grace in this role as well as a Batgirl movie. At this point though, I won’t hold my breath. Let’s just hope this new “DC Chapter” doesn’t end up angering more fans than making them happy.

Do you think DC is belaboring its point in talking about the Batgirl movie? Share with us in the comments!