One Of Us Is Lying is now in paperback for the first time!

One Of Us Is Lying. Image courtesy Delacorte Press
One Of Us Is Lying. Image courtesy Delacorte Press /

Some books tend to get a second wind and one major example of that is One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

Most people might recognize the title as a now-canceled TV series. It’s actually based on a YA novel by Karen M. McManus. Upon its release in 2017, the book was massively popular and as I said, eventually spawned a TV series.

Even though the TV series is now over, the book still lives on and is still being talked about. In particular, Delacorte Press made a major update to it which is publishing it in paperback for the first time ever.

Eventually, One Of Us Is Lying became the start of a new series but it is still one YA thriller that’s remembered by readers fondly and is still being picked up by readers now which shows why this update is necessary.

One Of Us Is Lying in paperback is a massive deal for readers everywhere.

As I said, One Of Us Is Lying was adapted into a series and thus, it drove up sales. For those who either don’t enjoy hardcover books or just wanted something more portable, this new paperback edition is a much better choice. In addition to that convenience, a paperback edition is usually a bit cheaper if you’re looking to save money.

Additionally, it’s a testament to the story and Karen M. McManus that One Of Us Is Lying is being published in paperback after all these years. We usually see this happen within the first year or two, but to see it happen now, that’s great news. Frankly, I was shocked upon hearing the announcement, but I’m excited for the author as this is such a rarity after such a long release.

Overall, I feel like publishing One Of Us Is Lying in paperback will help get this book into the hands of more readers who will enjoy it. It’s such a massively popular story, but I know kids who are now teenagers will find it more accessible. Whether it’s being grabbed from the library or a store, that paperback price can usually fit into a book budget which is exactly what the publisher is counting on.

To me though, anything including publishing in paperback or even, an adaptation is great as more people will decide to start reading and that’s something I can get behind. Personally, I know I’ll be picking it up this spring as the publisher graciously sent me a paperback copy.

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One Of Us Is Lying in paperback is out now wherever books are sold! 

Will you be picking up a paperback copy of One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus? Let us know in the comments!