La Brea Teases Big Reveals And Things To Come In “The Return”

LA BREA -- "The Next Day" Episode 201 -- Pictured:(l-r) Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris, Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella, Zyra Gorecki as Izzy Harris -- (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)
LA BREA -- "The Next Day" Episode 201 -- Pictured:(l-r) Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris, Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella, Zyra Gorecki as Izzy Harris -- (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC) /

“The Return” is an accurate title on multiple fronts, given how it accounts for the arrival of a villain and a long-time friend on La Brea. 

Taamet is back, and the Exiles are ready to attack the Clearing. But, it becomes clear relatively early in their attack that while they have no issues bringing harm to the Clearing residents or forcing them away from the outside land, they are not trying to kill them. Instead, they focus on searching through their things to find something.

As it turns out, Lucas’ suspicions about Virgil were correct, as Virgil was responsible for killing Wyatt and for letting the Exiles into the Clearing after Scott allowed him to take watch. But, the knowledge that the Exiles were after a book gives Lucas a little upper hand when he can distract Taamet from harming the Clearing long enough to listen.

However, Veronica and Ella come to Lucas’ rescue when he does not know the book’s location. Veronica does, but for various reasons that continue to make no sense to her. La Brea has been teasing that Aaron, the man who had trafficked her, had lived in 10,000 B.C., and knowing that he held the book the Exiles are looking for only adds to her theory and confusion.

From the flowers that Aaron liked drawn to having a book significant to 10,000 B.C., and his desire to be in La Brea when the sinkhole opened suggests that there was more to what Aaron was up to.

But, Taamet is not the only one to return to everyone’s lives. Levi returns from a sinkhole in 1998 to 10,000 B.C. with a secret plan. Levi spent ten years trying to help put an end to the sinkholes, but Levi’s reunion with Gavin is a bigger lie than Gavin realizes.

Only after Levi reunites with Eve does he admit his actual plan. Levi wants to kill James, potentially to prevent something James has already done or intends to do.

Ty’s storyline with James gives a more extensive insight into James’ state of mind and motivation. James’ biggest regret was losing his son, Isaiah. Even though Gavin is alive, he does not trust James, which crushes James, because he wants a relationship with his son.

Ty’s theory is that James’ secret project is to prevent Isaiah from ever being taken, which would prevent Josh and Izzy from being born and cause the ripple effect of Ty never ending up in a sinkhole which would lead to him finding James’ building and receiving cancer treatment.

While the desire to return home is always on the table, La Brea adds another complication through James. So how do they find a way to go home without allowing James to alter history significantly?

Ty may be the only one with a solid theory behind James’ potential motivations, but Levi’s return speaks volumes about how the world could have changed if he had come back to kill James.

Will Eve and Gavin end up on opposite sides of an argument if Gavin wants to try to trust James if it could mean saving Eve’s life? What is the truth about Aaron’s connection to the La Brea sinkhole?

“The Return” raises massive questions about what is to come in the future and how it could result in huge repercussions.

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