5 cozy romance books to read for Valentine’s Day (2023)

Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin. Image courtesy Berkley
Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin. Image courtesy Berkley /

There is something so cozy about snuggling up to read some romance novels, especially for Valentine’s Day.

What you read always depends on what mood you’re in or even what season it is. Since Valentine’s Day is in February, most of us are looking for romance books that’ll give us all those warm fuzzy feelings we aren’t getting from the weather.

If you’re like me and want those cozy and soft vibes, then you’re in for a Valentine’s Day treat as all of these romance novels embody that feeling. That’s not to say they won’t have some steamy scenes.

Regardless, these books all give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you can sometimes get when you have a crush or if you’re reading a particularly good romance.

These five romances give those soft and cozy vibes for Valentine’s Day.

While Valentine’s Day tends to be commercialized, a lot of us still enjoy the holiday and want to celebrate it. For me, I just love the colors and all the talk about love plus it’s right around the Super Bowl so it’s nice to coast right into the coziness of the holiday.

If you’re looking for some romance books to either read on Valentine’s Day or purchase for yourself or your loved one, these five will give you that comfort you might be seeking around this time of year.

1. Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin

This is the book that actually inspired this list because Better Than Fiction gave me all of those cozy vibes I was looking for in winter 2022. This follows a romance between Drew who inherited her grandmother’s bookstore and Jasper, a popular romance author. The two agree on a plan for Jasper to turn Drew into a reader while Drew will show Jasper around Denver as research for his new book.

The romance between these two was just delightful. Adding in the backdrop of the bookstore along with the two going on the most adorable dates, you’ll eat this one up. I actually read this in one sitting and know I’ll be down for a reread ASAP.

2. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

The next Valentine’s Day treat I have is Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score. I feel like I talk about this book constantly but it was such a huge surprise to me. If there’s one thing I’ll admit, I don’t love small-town romances and I don’t love long romance books. That’s why I was skeptical to pick this one up.

However, I ended up loving it because not only did we have a relatable heroine in Naomi but we also got all of the small-town hijinks, lots of adorable family moments, and a great friend group. It was all rounded out by an incredible romance between Naomi and Knox which was grumpy x sunshine. This is another one I read fairly quickly and it just made me so happy.

3. All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

Okay so I know I just said I don’t love long books, but Lucy Score and Mariana Zapata prove me wrong. This is a small-town romance about Aurora who is fresh off a divorce and losing her mother. Essentially, she moves to this town as a way to honor her mother and try to get her life together which is fine until she meets her grumpy landlord that doesn’t even know she’s renting.

While Tobias Rhodes is grumpy to start, these two eventually warm up to each other and the tension and mutual pining was everything. Grief does play a huge role in this story, but it’s also about Aurora growing and finding what she’d always been craving.

4. The Wife He Needs by Brenda Jackson

Okay so I talked about this book months ago, but I still feel like it’s severely underhyped. This is the first book in Brenda Jackson’s Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws Series. This is a spinoff of her vastly popular Westmoreland series with each book following an Outlaw sibling and their romance.

The Wife He Needs has a bit of everything as Garth is Regan’s boss but also her friend. The two decide to spend two weeks together as Garth’s original company canceled and their passions begin to erupt from there. This book is short, pretty low-angst, and has a lot of sweet moments plus a few spicy ones, too. If you’re looking for a Black love story for Valentine’s Day, this is perfect for cozying up with.

5. In The Weeds by B.K. Borison

Next up on my list is In The Weeds by B.K. Borison. While most know her as the author of Lovelight Farms, this is the second book in the series. In an interview, the author shared that each book follows a season with In The Weeds representing spring and it makes a lot of sense.

In the Weeds is a second-chance romance for Evelyn, a miserable influencer, and Beckett, part-owner, and farmer at Lovelight Farms. The two are essentially forced together and they end up having a sweet and tender romance. Beckett is enamored with Evelyn and there’s so much tension and pining. Everything about this book screams cozy to me and if you haven’t read this author before, now is the time. This one has also recently been picked up by Berkley so we’re going to be a traditionally published version of this series, too.

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Regardless of how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong by reading a romance book especially if it’s one of these cozy picks. If you want some comfort and want to know you’re getting a happy ending, any or all of these fit the bill.

Will you be picking up any cozy romance books for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.