#TBRTrending: Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin

Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin. Image courtesy Berkley
Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin. Image courtesy Berkley /

Sometimes, things are just better than you hoped for and so much better than it’s even Better than Fiction. In the world of Alexa Martin, you’re getting just that.

For this week’s #TBRTrending, I’m going back to a book I loved at the end of 2022 as it was a late 2022 release. While most people count summer as a heavy release time, the winter time also gave us some gems and I want to celebrate those.

As someone who has loved and adored Alexa Martin since her debut, this one was definitely going to be a new favorite for me. Regardless, Better than Fiction still doesn’t have nearly enough ratings or love out there for it so I wanted to feature it.

Even though it has more than 1,000 ratings on Goodreads, I do still feel like it deserves a lot more love than it’s actually getting.

This week’s #TBRTrending pick is Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin.

As previously mentioned, I adore Alexa Martin and I’ll take any opportunity to promote her or her books. That’s why it was easy to feature Better Than Fiction as one of my #TBRTrending picks for 2023. With the book releasing in November 2022, it never seemed to get as much love as it deserved.

However, I’m here to get into what it’s about and why you should pick it up. This book follows Drew who inherits her grandmother’s bookstore after her passing. The major hangup is that Drew isn’t a reader and also doesn’t really know how to run a bookstore or want anything to do with romance or love in general. It all comes to a head when she meets Jasper, a beloved romance author.

While the two get off on the wrong foot originally, they end up striking a deal for Drew to show Jasper around Denver as research for his book. Meanwhile, Jasper is going to turn Drew into a reader. It’s a lot of fun to watch all the shenanigans these two get into it and how much they’re willing to go out of their comfort zones for each other.

Obviously, the romance in this one is an absolute delight, but I also loved that the characters had more going on. Drew was dealing with some toxic family members and the grief of losing her grandmother. Better than Fiction was emotional at times too but the romance along with every else gave it a cozy feel.

If you’re looking for a romance book to keep you warm and cozy in 2023, then Better than Fiction by Alexa Martin is the perfect one. In addition, it’s an incredibly fast-paced read with lots of fun side characters and a romance I’m still thinking about months later. If you haven’t picked this one up, you need to head out and grab it now.

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