The Sharpton Sisters Talk To Etienne & Ivy Maurice

The Sharpton Sisters Etienne and Ivy Maurice. FOX SOUL Network / The Sharpton Sisters
The Sharpton Sisters Etienne and Ivy Maurice. FOX SOUL Network / The Sharpton Sisters /

Etienne and Ivy Maurice, children of Emmy-winning actress and star of Abbott ElementarySheryl Lee Ralph, visited The Sharpton Sisters to discuss their mother’s growing fame and family legacy.

In Abbott Elementary, Sheryl Lee Ralph plays Barbara Howard, a long-time teacher and mentor figure to Janine Teagues.

When talking about Sheryl Lee Ralph’s success, Etienne Maurice said,

"“People are just catching up. We have dreamed this for our mother pretty much all of our lives. So, the fact that people are just now wakning up and realizing the power and the essence that is Sheryl Lee Ralph, you know, as son and daughter we are just proud.”"

Ivy Maurice added,

"“…as her children, we are going to support her in every single moment moving forward…like we already have prior to her winning her Emmy.”"

Etienne Maurice also spoke of the advice Sheryl Lee Ralph had given, saying,

"“…my mom has always told me, ‘be as kind as you can, for as long as you can, to as many people as you can. Because the same butt you kick today could be the one that you have to kiss tomorrow’…There was some people that weren’t as kind to her in the beginning of her career, now everybody wants to pick up Sheryl Lee’s phone call…People are always going to remember how people treated you and how people made you feel.”"

Ivy Maurice is even Sheryl Lee Ralph’s stylist. Working together not only allows them to work together in a professional capacity but also gives them a chance to bond as a family.

But, the family also has a fashion legacy. Ivy Maurice spoke about that, saying,

"“I grew up in Jamaica in my grandmother’s shop, waking up at 5 o’clock every morning, learning how to cut and sew. It’s really a part of who I am…to know that there is so much history in our family and that we have the power to really carry that forward–and do it in a new way, because with the millenial gernation, we’ve got social media. The way way we are able to maximize our talents is completely different to what our parents and grandparents have been able to do. So, I love being able to carry on this torch and say, ‘hey, I’m here and I am lighting the way and not burning bridges’ So I’m grateful–very, very grateful.”"

Etienne Maurice is also in the entertainment industry, studying film in college and starting his own production company. However, his involvement goes beyond directing short films, having started a Non-Profit organization, Walk Good LA. He discussed that, saying,

"“…during the time of the Black Lives Matters movement and social uprising…we started WalkGood LA…we are a family that brings people together from all walks of life to fight for racial quity through arts. health, and wellness…Now is the most important time to focus on our mental health and well-being given all the trauma we have experienced throughout our lifetime, throughout generations. We’ve always been included in the conversation of fighting. But we have never been included in the conversation of healing. WalkGood is a Jamaican euphemism; it means ‘take care, be good to yourself,’ but most importantly, ‘be good to others’…WalkGood is a living, breathing homage to our Jamaican heritage and the Black lives that have been taken from us for generations…WalkGood is not a moment, it’s a movement."

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