National Candle Day: Top-5 candles to pick up at Bath and Body Works

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It would be an understatement to say that Bath and Body Works’ famous 3-wick candles have a cult following. The candles are so popular BBW, had to take their annual candle day event and extend it into a two-day spectral. This year, day two is today, December 3, 2022; today’s date also coincides with National Candle Day. Bath and Body Works’ entire stock of 3-wick candles is on sale for the fantastic price of only $9.95 down from the regular MSRP of 24.95-26.95. This is not only the perfect time to fill up your own stash, or pick some up for Holiday gifts too. If you missed out on the day-one action, fear not because you have all day to shop what is left online (until they sell out that is) or head to your nearest location.

If you are having trouble trying to narrow down your cart or, if you are overwhelmed by the vast selection, Culturess has you covered! Below are my top-5 candles from BBW, you cannot go wrong with, but a few honorable mentions:

Bath and Body Works Honorable Mentions

  • Rose Water & IvyThis is an all-time BBW classic with notes of soft rose petals, rain-kissed English ivy, lemon blossom, and soft spring musk it was hard to hold this scent out of the top five. She has a sweet, yet clean throw. With that said, this is an ever so slightly more subtle candle. There are others available that make their entire house smell wonderful, rather than a single room.
  •  Fresh Balsam: Around this time of year, many stores stock their shelves with Balsam, Pine, and Cedar scents for the Holidays, and Bath and Body does it up right with the holiday classics. Fresh Balsam is an all-time favorite, but there is a very similar scent that you should pick up instead, a bit more on that candle momentarily. With that said, this is a fabulous candle if you buy it will make you happy.

#5 Sugared Snicker Doodle

Much-like balsam, cedar, and pine, store shelves are packed with a ton of cookie scents for the holidays. Personally, I enjoy the scent of cookies year-round but it is definitely particularly fitting in the colder months. Sugared Snicker Doodle from BBW, has you covered on your cookie candle needs. Per their website, the candle features notes of warm spices, creamy vanilla, and sugared musk. Translation this candle straight up smells like cookies are baking in the oven.

Whether you are enjoying the smell of cookies for a boost of nostalgia or you are making new memories baking Christmas cookies with some little’s this candle would make the perfect addition to your collection. The only con to this candle is it can cause and likely will cause cravings for a cookie or maybe two.