National Candle Day: Top-5 candles to pick up at Bath and Body Works

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#4 Mahogany Balsam

Introducing the direct reason Fresh Balsam missed the top-five cut, these candles aren’t quite siblings, but they are absolutely cousins. Unlike Fresh Balsam, you can technically get away with burning this candle year-round as opposed to only burning it in the winter. Mahogany Balsam showcases notes of juniper berries, fresh balsam, and mahogany wood. The addition of juniper berries is what seals the deal for me. These sweet berries take this candle over the top and elevate it above its cousin, Fresh Balsam.

#3 Winter

Winter truly has the perfect throw for a wintertime candle. It is giving clean, crisp, and spicy. These are the notes Winter features white woods, pine needles, sparkling clementine, and spiced clove. If you buy this candle and you burn it while company is over for the holiday your guests will sure to be quick to ask where the wonderful fragrance is permeating from.

This is not quite a four-season candle, but despite the name Winter, this candle could easily work in the early spring and all throughout fall.