All American: Jordan And Spencer Question Their Futures

Jordan and Spencer barely have time to breathe as “Hate It or Love It” jumps right into the roaring fire Olivia’s article created with the revelations of Coach Garrett’s actions. The GAU football program was already having trouble since Coach Garrett stepped down as head coach, and the team was left wondering about the future with an undetermined leader.

However, now that the entirety of the GAU football program is under investigation, the consequences of the article’s release are becoming much clearer. While Coach Garrett is no longer up for other potential coaching jobs, Jordan and Spencer, along with the rest of their team, are left not knowing about the future of their team or if there even is one.

For upper-level students, this could end their opportunities unless they transfer. As many of the team’s players jump ship for universities that are not on a sinking ship, Spencer and Jordan are left contemplating if the best move would be to stay and help rebuild GAU’s football program or go for a better chance at a future in football.

Spencer and Jordan’s debate has them questioning the pros and cons of staying or leaving. However, it also becomes clear that there is more at stake than they realized when Coach Kenny reveals he may not be promoted to the head coaching position and may be looking for different opportunities instead.

Spencer, who joined GAU because of his connection to Coach Kenny, determines that if he and Jordan can secure Coach Kenny’s job as head coach, others will stay, and they can save the program.

Once coming to that decision, Spencer is dedicated to GAU, at least if it means that Coach Kenny is sticking around. For Jordan, however, the choice to stay is not that easy.

Jordan does not share Spencer’s connection to Coach Kenny and therefore does not have the same emotional connection and sense of loyalty to stay with one coach. While Jordan is grateful to GAU for giving him a chance when no one else would, Jordan’s world opens up again when two universities reach out to him, wanting Jordan on their team.

For Jordan, this is a big deal. He had faced uncertainty as his high school career was coming to an end. But, this time, Jordan has options, and discovering what else is out there may be a solid way of knowing what he wants.

“Hate It or Love It” proves how far Spencer and Jordan have come as friends and brothers. Although Spencer may be able to help turn GAU’s football program around by himself, he does not want to do it without Jordan by his side. After all, they had gone through, Spencer relied on Jordan, but playing college football together may have ended.

Sadly, this may be where Jordan and Spencer part ways, at least for football. While Spencer remains committed to rebuilding GAU’s football, Jordan can not deny his wish for a connection with a coach the way Spencer had felt for Coach Kenny or Asher had with Coach Montez.

Although Spencer and Jordan’s friendship and brotherhood remain intact, their time as teammates, at least temporarily, may have ended.

They are not the only ones facing the emotional fallout of the publication. Olivia had avoided Jordan and Spencer since the article was published, knowing the attention she brought to Coach Garrett’s actions was affecting them.

While Olivia is celebrated at work, she does not seem thrilled with her co-worker’s reactions even though she makes sure to thank them. Instead, Olivia discusses with Laura that Olivia needs to find a way to take pride in this moment in her career, where she wrote an article that has been trending for four days.

One of those moments is speaking to Jordan about the article’s aftermath. Rather than anger at Olivia, Jordan is proud of her and ensures that Olivia knows that she may have opened doors for him rather than prevented him from the future he wanted.

As most of the drama surrounds Jordan and Spencer facing the fallout of their football program, only one line mentions JJ’s absence. Other than claiming that Spencer, Jordan, and Asher are all mature about JJ moving out of the beach house, there are no mentions of him in any way, leaving the potential fallout of those relationships to be dealt with later.

“Hate It or Love It” left cliffhangers and loose ends for the back half of the season, including how things will go for Jordan as a transfer and how he and Layla may have to tackle a long-distance relationship, as well as what it means for Spencer to rebuild GAU’s football program.

Patience is also a focal point for a cliffhanger, as her blossoming career may be coming with side effects she had not anticipated. What does that mean for her professional relationships with Layla, Gia, and Patience’s mental health as she scrolls through social media? Is Patience truly okay, or has she not been candid with Layla about her feelings about her career?