4 Thanksgiving romance books to read for November 2022

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UNITED STATES - 2008/07/12: Romance novel section of a bookstore. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

When it comes to holiday romances, everyone seems to forget about Thanksgiving. Even so, there is something so comforting about reading a romance book set during Thanksgiving.

Right now, it feels like everyone is skipping Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas. No matter what store you go into, you’ll see tons of Christmas decorations and even, hear some Christmas music which is annoying.

However, if you’re in the Thanksgiving mood, you’re in luck as I’m here to recommend some Thanksgiving romance books for your November TBR. For the sake of this list, I’ll just be focusing on books set during Thanksgiving, not books that happen to coincide with Thanksgiving within the rest of the plot.

Either way, if you’re looking for some romance books to add to your November rotation, then these four Thanksgiving romances might be exactly what you’ve been craving.

These 4 Thanksgiving romance books are sure to satisfy your craving.

Thanksgiving is not a notoriously sexy holiday, but these romance books are here to change your mind and hopefully, make the way to your TBR. First up is a classic when it comes to Thanksgiving romance books and that’s Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz. While it’s the second book in a series, it can be read as a standalone.

Her Naughty Holiday follows Clover and Erick who agree to fake date in order to get Clover’s family off her back. This book also features an age gap and Erick being a zaddy as he has a teenage daughter who works for Clover. This book is sexy, fun, and short even despite Clover being a virgin. Regardless, this book will set you ablaze if you’re looking for steam with a dash of Thanksgiving.

Moving onto another standalone series, I’d be remiss to not feature A Tale of Two Cities: A Thanksgiving Novella by Alexandra Warren. This series follows different couples who meet around the holidays including Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. This one follows Aspen who is coming home to spend time with family for Thanksgiving and the hookup/romance she has with Orlando. The chemistry between these two is out-of-this-world and even though they ended up with a happy-for-now, this is another solid one.

Speaking of Alexandra Warren, she is making a second appearance on this list as she, Christina C. Jones and Nicole Falls published a trio of Thanksgiving novellas. Entitled The Fiennes Family Thanksgiving Novelettes Series, the series follows the Fiennes family men as they each have their own romances. Truthfully, I’ve only read the final book which is Thank Me Later, but I’d be remiss to not include the entire series as they’re also on my TBR.

Last but certainly not least is A Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau. Surprise, surprise but this one is part of another standalone holiday series. When Nick comes home for Thanksgiving, he’s surprised to find his latest conquest, Lily paired up with his brother. While this book does have its messy moments, it’s definitely in the romantic comedy realm along with having some fun family moments. Overall, this one is great if you’re looking for something to read on Thanksgiving day as it’s such a cozy and fun read.

Even though this list is pretty short, these four Thanksgiving-themed romance books are sure to put a smile on your face or get you in the Thanksgiving spirit. Plus there are all relatively short which is perfect for the holiday season.

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