Making the Cut Season 3 winner made it a priority to never lose himself, interview

Making The Cut. Image courtesy Prime Video
Making The Cut. Image courtesy Prime Video /

Heading into the third installment of Making the Cut, the Amazon Prime show needed to make a splash. While the previous winning designers have carved out their spot in the fashion industry, the scene is always looking for a designer to make waves. For the Making the Cut Season 3 winner, Yannik Zamboni, one choice might have ensured that he won no matter the final outcome.

From the moment that Yannik appeared on screen and his first look walked down the runway, it was clear that he had a vision. Although white might not be a statement color in some people’s closets, the reality is that color embodies the spectrum. It might not be the bold hue that turns heads, but it is the look that makes people remember it.

While Yannik evolved beyond just shades of white throughout the season, each challenge gave a glimpse into his mindset. Even though it could be hard to distinguish between runway and accessible look, one aspect was always crystal clear. A “Yannick” design looked like no one else’s in the competition.

During a recent conversation with Culturess, Yannik Zamboni shared his thoughts on fashion competition, being crowned Making the Cut Season 3 winner, and what is next for the designer who is unafraid to push the boundaries of fashion. After speaking with him, one concept was very clear.

Even though Yannik listened and applied the judges’ feedback throughout the season never strayed far from what he wanted to express. Specifically, Yannik said, “I think that it is very important to not do something that only pleases others.” While the feedback can be applied, each piece had a goal of “never losing myself.”

Yannik went on to explain that he looks to raise questions with fashion. Instead of just following the norms and conventions, his goal is to compel people to think. He believes that fashion can raise, “social, political, behavioral questions.” But, it is not about pushing people to do something but “to reflect and think about stuff going on in our society.”

That type of commentary can be seen in the sustainable fabric choices that he makes, the manipulation of the fabric, and even the designs themselves. While questions are raised, they do not necessarily compel an answer. It is about moving the conversation forward.

Even though Yannik admits that “people need to feel comfortable in their clothes,” he believes that some people “do not know what they are comfortable in.” That willingness to try is the first step in not pushing people too far. Rather, it is an invitation to find their true, authentic self. Even though Yannik believes that you “cannot please everyone,” the Importance of “pleasing yourself” should be a priority.

While Yannik and his designs evolved to the cumulation of becoming the Making the Cut Season 3 winner, some people might be apprehensive about wearing white. For the fashion designer, the white palate allowed him to “focus on the design and patterning.” He feels that by “getting rid of color and patterns, which were distracting from the design,” the details of the design come through.

He went on to explain that it is important for people to make each look their own. Pieces are meant to be worn, not just sit in the closet on a hanger. The overall goal is to please the person wearing it so that it never becomes stale. Whether it is a styling choice or just seeing a look in a new light, the closet should hold a myriad of options.

Looking back at the competition, Yannik was most pleased with the outwear challenge. He felt that this interpretation was a good blend of his Switzerland roots and looking forward to the future. It was an intricate design yet not overly complicated.

While that look as well as some of his finale pieces were highlights, Yannik would like to have a chance to reexamine the Champion collaboration challenge. The limited time frame seemed to hinder his interpretation of the challenge and what it could have been.

Now that he has been crowned the Making the Cut Season 3 winner, Yannik Zamboni appreciates the platform that Amazon will offer him. From pushing forward the sustainability conversation to the ability to collaborate with other fashion designers, it is a wide-open door to move his brand forward.

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