Making the Cut season 2 winner believes positivity and diversity earned her praise

Making the Cut. Image courtesy Ali Goldstein, Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image courtesy Ali Goldstein, Amazon Studios /

Only one talented fashion designer heard the coveted phrase from Heidi Klum. In the finale, the Making the Cut season 2 winner, Andrea Pitter, proved yet again she could deliver a collection that impressed the judges. After that first reveal, Pitter seemed to have wrapped up that epic win.

From the first episode to the final look, Pitter had a very clear goal with this Amazon Prime fashion competition. While winning would change her fashion business forever, the title was only part of the journey.

While the various episodes seem to build to an epic climax runway face-off between Pitter and Gary Graham, the reality is that both these designers never lost sight of their own aesthetic. Even though the first episode might have set the stage for the bridal designer versus the artist, the reality is both designers sought to bring out the confident woman behind the clothes.

The Making the Cut season 2 winner revealed the key to her success.

During a recent conversation with Culturess, Pitter shared that she wanted to show that “no matter how long that I stay, I’m going to show them that I was more than a bridal, gown designer.” She said that “I was really conscious of that going through the competition.” Pitter believes that it was part of the reason why she was successful.

As the Making the Cut finale opened, Pitter and her model had that wow moment. Pitter shared that during the competition her model told her, “if you make me really sexy, I feel like I’m going to kill it.” As she revealed that lingerie, it was clear, this show was going to be more than just a reveal moment.

Of course, the judges had commented throughout Making the Cut season 2 that a reveal does get their attention. Pitter said it was “that something the judges and I had in common. I love a good reveal, so they didn’t have to convince me twice.”

But, that one moment was more than just a fashion wow. It was making an important statement about Pitter and her fashion brand. She said, “I want to celebrate all body types. I put my money where my mouth is.” Granted, there was a desire to earn the ultimate Amazon Prime prize, but it was about changing the conversation about fashion, sisterhood and inclusion.

Even looking at the range in her finale collection, Pitter chose to feature inclusivity. From size to gender, the options were as bold as the sparkle and the prints. Even in the 10-look collection, Pitter showed she does glamour, commercial and runway moments.

While she was able to cover it all in that 10-look collection, becoming the Making the Cut winner was more than just looks on a runway. Pitter had to prove that she was a smart businesswoman.

Although the fashion industry can be difficult to ascertain success, Pitter believed in her abilities. She said, “I think that being a woman entrepreneur and also being woman of color, where we generally lack resources and opportunities that I had no choice but to drive my success. In this, in this space, it definitely gave me a leg up to a degree because I was almost a jack of all trades and I’m grateful for that determination that I have.”

Truthfully, Pitter admitted that she “didn’t know what I was being prepared for my entire life,” but she wasn’t “afraid of hard things.” Having been pushed before, she knew that she had to throw herself into every assignment. Through all those “triumphs, trials and failures” she knew that the hard work paid off.

In her business, Pitter uses the phrase dream in reality. While that big concept seems to be floating in the sky, her explanation of that idea is clear. She believes that she had to go after it, she had to make her wildest dreams come true. More specifically, she encourages people to “go against the grain.”

More specifically, she said that what “dream in reality means is to dream but do it in reality, do it in real time, flex your muscles a bit, look at where you are right now, think about what that opportunity brings you, and maybe push that conversation in a different way.”

As this opportunity with Amazon Prime unfolds, Pitter has a great voice and responsibility in the fashion world. While she has been a mentor for other up-and-coming designers, it is more than just that community. She stands as an example for anyone who is watching, including her own family.

While there are many conversations about the importance of the role of the girl dad, the role of the boy mom might be even more influential. Pitter is a boy mom and when asked that question, her response was clear.

From the young man that she is raising to her husband who validates her, she believes that she stands tall as a model of a woman who is strong, powerful, and beautiful. From complementing a woman when she feels confident in a stunning dress to the moment that she feels empowered to speak her voice, the reality is that celebrating women, themselves and their accomplishments is more important than ever.

Championing others who are smart, powerful, and pretty means that dreaming in reality isn’t a lofty goal it is the truth. For now, Andrea Pitter wears her Making the Cut season 2 winner crown proudly.

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