Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 31 terrifies with unexpected twists and turns

HHN TM PreviewTeam Member PreviewHalloween Horror NightsUniversal Studios Florida
HHN TM PreviewTeam Member PreviewHalloween Horror NightsUniversal Studios Florida /

With the warning of never go alone, many scream squads united to face the terrors of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 31. Although Jack has crept back into the shadows and the Pumpkin Lord beckons guests into his lair, the haunted houses prey on people’s deepest fears. From creepy to sinister, the infectious beat from The Weeknd may not hide the screams. Do you dare step into this world of darkness?

The diabolic minds from the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights team never fail to impress horror enthusiasts. Even if the blinding lights and shadows in the houses might obscure the intricate details in every vignette, the team knows how to elicit a response. From the first gasp of the unexpected to the surprises coming in the final scene, some people feel that sense of relief when the light from the exit appears.

Both the newly initiated and the fiercely loyal have many things to explore during Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 31. Whether it is the quiet moments in the Tribute Store or the high-energy performance from Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire, the whole experience is a roller coaster ride on the spooky side.

Which Halloween Horror Nights 31 house wows guests?

With 10 haunted houses, guests tend to rank each experience. From the guest who wants to get creepy to fans of favorite movie characters, the opinions on the favorite or must experience will vary. Although it is possible, with good planning, to see all the haunted houses in one visit, some people might want to prioritize top picks or must-see options.

For example, guests with entomophobia will want to avoid Bugs: Eaten Alive. Even after escaping those creepy, crawly creations, it feels as if something might have crept down a shirt and left a lasting mark.

Getting high marks for creativity, intracity and storyline is Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake. At first glance, the shipping village could be a peaceful enclave that beacons with a sea adventure. Unfortunately, this seaside bounty has been pillaged and the fisherman is ready to extract revenge. Even for those who hope to escape a watery grave, the course is set to a dire port.

Another highlight from the original stories is the Spirits of the Coven. While the bartender might be mixing up a stiff cocktail in this speakeasy, there could be a sinister ingredient in that glass. As the frivolity turns frightening, that witch’s brew is not for the faint of heart.

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 31
HHN TM PreviewTeam Member PreviewHalloween Horror NightsUniversal Studios Florida /

In a surprising offering, the Fiesta de Chupacabras brings the Latino legend out of the shadows. Although no one has lived to tell an encounter with that vampire goat, that vacation escape might have been too good to be believed. Unlike the tan from that epic vacation, this haunted experience is not one that will fade from the memory.

While the original stories impress with creativity, the haunted houses based on known characters find a way to blend the familiar with the unexpected. For example, the Halloween house brings Michael Myers back, but in a way that will have guests fearing the slayer all over again. The final scene is a fun house nightmare that may not offer a safe exit.

As of the most highly anticipated houses of Halloween Horror Nights 31, The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare brings the visuals from his music off the screen. Although some people might think that the infectious beat and known characters could keep safe from the screams, it is far from the truth. Even if people start singing as they enter that first scene, those high-pitched notes turn to screeching screams at the final turn. Listening to The Weeknd’s music will never be the same.

These haunted houses join the other options of Universal Monsters: Legends Collide, The Horrors of Blumhouse, Hellblock Horror, and Descendants of Destruction. In total, there are 10 haunted houses, five scare zones, two live shows, and various themed food and beverages.

Halloween Horror Nights 31 runs on selected nights at Universal Studios Orlando. It is a separately-ticketed event.

It is time to prepare the squad and face the fears that lurk in the darkness. The sights and sounds entice guests to brave the night, but who will tell the tale in the light of day?

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