Rafael Chaouiche celebrates his Brazilian culture on Making the Cut, interview

Making The Cut. Image courtesy Prime Video
Making The Cut. Image courtesy Prime Video /

From the first moment he appeared on Making the Cut Season 3 to his winning activewear look in the second episode, Rafael Chaouiche had everyone taking notice on the runway. From the vibrant colors to the structured designs, both the runway and the accessible looks are items that any fashion maven would want in the closet. For Rafael, appearing on the Amazon Prime show presented an opportunity that he had to take.

As Making the Cut Season 3 debuted on Amazon Prime, fashionistas watched as the new group of designers accepted the challenge in the hope to become the next international fashion brand. Joining this season is Rafael Chaouiche, a Brazilian fashion designer. While he might have taken the leap of faith even though his English was not perfect, the talented fashion designer knew that this show could open his brand to the world.

During a recent conversation with Culturess, Rafael said that he wanted to showcase his country. Whether it is the vibrant colors or the powerful structure, he hopes to give everyone a glimpse of the country that has his heart.

When first asked to showcase designs that represented his brand DNA, Rafael wanted to show both a butterfly and a cocoon in the two different pieces. The vibrant color instantly had heads turning but it was more than just the hue.

Rafael explained how he used a particular fabric that is native to Brazil to represent how he is ready to leave his comfort zone and take flight. Like the cocoon transforming into a beautiful butterfly, he wants to spread his wings and give everyone an opportunity to experience his fashion. From representing the vivacious feelings of Brazilian culture to showcasing native fabrics, there is more to Brazil than just beaches, soccer, and the Amazon.

Although that metaphor is compelling, Rafael wants women to feel beautiful and confident in his designs. While he might put beauty first, that inner strength is never overshadowed by his looks.

Where Rafael excels is his ability to bring structure without making the design feel harsh. The shapes draw the eye to explore more. Without overshadowing the person wearing the look, it gives a touch of intrigue and compels a person to never look away.

During Making the Cut Season 3 episode 2, the challenge was to bring his vision to Champion Activewear. Although Rafael might usually focus on more elevated fashion-forward pieces, he was drawn to this challenge for a few reasons.

Rafael revealed that he was a dancer and previously wore Champion. In addition, he learned to appreciate the opportunity to expand into the activewear category to help him reach another audience.

Looking at Rafael’s winning look, it was more than just well-designed clothes. He created a total look, a feeling that goes back to his desire to make women feel powerful in his designs. From the accessories to the various pieces, it was a concept that was more than activewear.

Rafael explained that this challenge had him thinking of how women dress and for various occasions. Whether it is a comfortable outfit for travel, a bold look to make a statement, or something totally different, his designs can morph into any situation. Similar to his cocoon and butterfly reference from the first challenge, he is always ready to evolve.

While Rafael Chaouiche might have won the Making the Cut Season 3 episode 2 challenge, fashionistas will have to watch the rest of Season 3 to see the final outcome. New episodes premiere on Amazon Prime every Friday.

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