All American: Major cliffhangers and resolutions in season four finale

All American -- "Champagne Glasses" -- Image Number: ALA420fg_0039r.jpg -- Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer James -- Photo: The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Champagne Glasses" -- Image Number: ALA420fg_0039r.jpg -- Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer James -- Photo: The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

All American used its season 4 finale to bring cliffhangers and resolutions to many of season four’s storylines. For example, in the aftermath of JJ’s murder mystery party, Spencer and Olivia find themselves still desperately trying to figure out how to regain their footing when their lives have them on opposing sides of a conflict.

Although Olivia is right about Wade and his behavior, it is initially difficult for Spencer to deal with his teammate being such a villain. Then, the police track the mysterious phone calls back to Wade’s phone, proving Olivia right. However, that is not enough to get the duo back on solid ground. Instead, it continues to separate the pair, especially after they learn the charges against Wade were dropped and he can play. But, Olivia and Billy are not willing to let Wade’s behavior go so quickly.

Refusing to accept Wade being allowed to play in the Homecoming game, Olivia and Billy confront Coach Garrett. Olivia uses her journalism research on Wade to good use, revealing the dangerous behavior of Wade’s past, including how Wade had bullied a teammate so severely they had attempted suicide. Although Coach Garrett changes his mind and decides to bench Wade, giving Jordan the Quarterback position, it also has another effect. Olivia and Billy can tell that there is something suspicious about Coach Garrett.

Spencer’s excitement over him and Jordan becoming full-time starters on the team is knocked down a peg when Olivia reveals her plans to write an article about Coach Garrett and whatever skeletons he has in his closet. Spencer and Olivia had been trying to figure out how to balance their separate passions while supporting the other. But the season 4 finale brings it all to ahead. Can they be in a relationship while working toward the futures they want? Or will something have to give?

The season 4 finale is filled with romantic resolutions as well. Coop and Patience’s reunion gives them each hope in an attempt to reignite their romance now that they are both in a better place. But, is it the right decision? After a talk with Skye, Coop is not so sure. Are Coop and Patience still in love?

As much as Coop and Patience may love each other, is a relationship the right move for them? Although they discuss a short trip to get away and discuss their future, Skye’s comment about Coop being scared of the future may have answered the question already. Coop needs to keep moving forward, and everything in her life also needs to be. Jumping back into a familiar relationship with Patience might not be the correct answer for either of them. At this point, Coop finds being single her best option for personal growth.

Jordan and Layla finally address the growing feelings that have been building for several episodes. However, All American does it so that the show proves it knows its characters and remembers their history. Layla mentions her uncertainty about starting a relationship with Jordan since she has already dated Spencer and Asher. The duo recalls Jordan had only recently broken up with Simone, and he had been ready to marry her a few months previously, and that Layla had been Simone’s bridesmaid.

Still, although Layla rejects Jordan at the episode’s beginning, referring to him as her best friend, that does not stop the two from checking in on each other. However, the season 4 finale still manages to push their story forward by its conclusion. Layla finally confesses reciprocating feelings for Jordan after the Homecoming game leading to their first kiss.

But, it is not an easy happily ever after either. Rather than jumping into a relationship, Layla and Jordan agree to wait. However, given how things unfold for each of them in the episode’s final minutes, that decision might have allowed them to avoid unnecessary drama.

Jordan’s decision to punch Wade after he insults Olivia resulted in a broken hand, which will keep Jordan out of the game for weeks. After playing such a great game as Quarterback and earning the opportunity to be a starter alongside Spencer, this is not the news Jordan was hoping for.

Layla faces an unforeseen complication as well when her father announces his retirement. Although Layla initially believes he is handing his music label over to her, another plot twist is coming. Layla is not getting the label, but Clay is.

The last time Layla had seen Clay, he had thrown her written apology in the trash and left. So there is bound to be tension between the two moving forward.

As for other significant changes, Grace and D’Angelo got engaged with plans to move away together. Meanwhile, Asher’s work for the Coastal California team has earned his coach’s respect and the opportunity to join the coaches and discuss plans for an upcoming game.

Season 5 will be jam-packed with excitement, intrigue, and conflict. Romantic pairings such as Spencer and Olivia or Jordan and Layla will have a lot to unpack in future episodes. Meanwhile, everyone’s actions toward building their professional futures become a more vital part of the series.

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