All American: Spencer and Asher confront their problems in “Murder Was the Case”

All American -- "Murder Was the Case” -- Image Number: ALA419fg_0056r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Chelsea Tavares as Patience, Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating and Bre-Z as Coop -- Photo: The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Murder Was the Case” -- Image Number: ALA419fg_0056r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Chelsea Tavares as Patience, Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating and Bre-Z as Coop -- Photo: The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

“Murder Was the Case” takes time to slow down the storyline to focus on relationships. However, that does not mean it did not address essential plot lines. For example, Asher and Spencer’s conflict since Asher filled out his report for the coach continues to be one of the driving forces behind JJ’s idea for his murder mystery party.

The group must determine who killed JJ ten years later while playing the future version of themselves that JJ had created. However, as everyone discovers JJ’s idea, they realize that while JJ has determined that they will be successful down the road, none of them have spoken in almost a decade. Within the next two years, their friendships will be broken, leaving eight years worth of time where they have all been apart.

But, when JJ finally reveals that everyone had killed him, the group is unamused at the plot twist. Finally, JJ breaks, telling them that they need to work out their issues if they want their friendships to continue because they have all been growing in different directions.

Although Spencer and Asher spend most of the episode arguing, especially as their frustrations at each other come to a head, the duo sit down to hash it out after JJ’s announcement. Luckily, they work through it, making up the episode’s conclusion.

But, Asher is not the only one Spencer finds himself conflicting against. Olivia’s decision to back out of the NIL story because she fears it will lead to problems among Spencer’s teammates results in an argument. Spencer believes he has always supported Olivia, so her decision to back out because of him is a surprise.

Spencer encourages Olivia to submit the article because they should be able to promote each other’s dreams and support each other, rather than decide against doing something positive for themselves. However, unlike Spencer’s situation with Asher, Spencer and Olivia’s argument does not have a solid end. Instead, it seems there is more for them to discuss moving forward.

However, throughout the episode, Olivia’s random and unknown phone calls also tease a more significant problem. Although Olivia answers the phone to hear the sounds of breathing, things get complicated when the police barge into their house. There is a heavy implication that the mysterious caller at the other end of the phone is responsible. But, it is never confirmed by the conclusion of “Murder Was the Case” who had made the calls.

“Murder Was the Case” also includes a massive moment for Layla and Jordan. Jordan spends most of the episode avoiding getting too close to Layla. Over what was mentioned to be a few weeks, Jordan separates himself from Layla and sleeps with other women. Although Layla is hurt by Jordan separating himself from her, especially as they have grown closer lately, Jordan does not explain his actions until the episode’s final minutes.

After observing a shift in their relationship, Simone had called Jordan and Layla’s friendship into question. But, Jordan also admits that he had lied to Simone when he said his relationship with Layla was platonic. Jordan admits his romantic feelings for Layla but never gets a response to his confession.

But, Jordan and Layla may not have been the only ones with a potentially significant relationship change in “Murder Was the Case.” Coop and Patience had broken up because they were no longer right for each other, while Coop had nothing of her own going on. But that has changed. Getting involved in helping Laura Baker’s law practice has inspired something new and exciting in Coop, and it is a side of her that Patience had not seen before, or at least in a long time since Coop’s music career ended.

Does this mean Coop and Patience are getting back together? Or do they still have things to work through before committing to a relationship again? After struggling to find the right dynamic as exes turned friends who are also roommates, Coop and Patience may have to work to determine the right decision for them.

“Murder Was the Case” pushes the group into conversations they have needed to have and forces them to acknowledge the changes in their relationships since high school ended. However, it also includes aspects that will be essential as the show pushes ahead.

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