Hulu’s ‘Dollface’ not returning for another season

Sadly, Hulu has chosen to end Dollface rather than renew the series for a third season. The show followed Jules, Madison, Stella, and Izzy’s friendship as they navigated their lives. But, even if Dollface has to end, did the show’s second season conclude the series on a good note?

Season 2 navigates Jules and her friends as Jules and Madison approach their thirtieth birthdays. Considered a milestone birthday, thirty is a significant number and jumpstarts a series of questions wondering if anyone is where they thought they would be once reaching thirty years old.

While season two also deals with some of the fallout from season 1, plenty of storylines follow the questions of what is next for these people, whether it be a new career path or relationship. How do these women find happiness and satisfaction in the professional or personal parts of their lives?

Many of those questions are answered or teased by the season’s conclusion. Madison discovers that not every detail of her life needs to be planned, and she can create room to improvise. Stella succeeds on the business front with her new bar but loses out on her new relationship. Although Stella had not wanted to hurt Ruby or her son Bruno, Stella could not help but feel uncertain. Given Ruby’s desire to protect her child, their romance ends.

Izzy also finds herself in an arc questioning her future toward her professional career and her boyfriend. Understanding her value plays an essential part of Izzy’s storyline throughout season 2, and by the finale, she has made strides toward better understanding what she wants for herself.

As for Jules, she has a professional epiphany as the season comes to a close. Jules finally finds a position she could actually love and quits her job. However, when the new opportunity falls through, placing her waiting potentially for a long time to start the new career, Jules must make a decision.

Initially, Jules frantically hunts down her ex-boss, Celeste, to get her job back. But, rather than go through with her plan, Jules takes a moment to consider what it could mean to not go back to a job she does not love.

Although Jules is in limbo, it is also an opportunity to find something she could love and embrace a new chance for her future instead of jumping back into something she may regret. Jules has made significant progress in her development and should not go backward. Instead, striving to be happy could lead to better things in her future.

While there are some loose ends at the end of the season 2 finale, “Birthday Girl,” the show has still ended positively for the main characters. Although things may still be up in the air, and they are still figuring things out, that is a reasonably relatable thing to experience. In addition, there were no mysterious cliffhangers than required an answer at the show’s conclusion.

Instead, Dollface ended its run in a way that could benefit the main characters and audience. Even if “Birthday Girl” was not intended to be a series finale, it wrapped up storylines and left things open-ended enough for the show to conclude on a satisfying note.