What could Dancing With the Stars move to Disney+ mean for its future?

Dancing With the Stars exists in over 30 countries and is one of the longest-running unscripted shows across all broadcast network television. However, after fifteen years, it will become the first live streaming series, as it just announced a move to Disney+. With a history of being a favorite series of families for years, what can it mean for the future of the series and streaming?

Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution Kareem Daniel said about the move, “The show’s broad appeal, as well as the overwhelming popularity of its Disney-themed competition nights, make Disney+ the perfect home for Dancing with the Stars while continuing to expand our demographic reach.”

While it has yet to be confirmed, many critiques are speculating that the reason for the moves is to make ways for NFL’s Monday Night Football. While it will be the official replacement for the 8:00 to 10:00 PM time slot on ABC, there has been no comment from any ABC or Disney representative about Monday Night Football being its replacement.

While a total of 351 celebrity contestants have competed on the show so far, its live nature is not enough to compete again Monday Night Football. A competition show is, in its truest and most basic form, a reality show. It can be seen at a later time. When compared to a sporting event, it is something that a viewer – and this is something coming from an avid Dancing With the Stars viewer – wants to watch in real-time.

However, with a two season renewal for season 31 and season 32, Dancing With the Stars has the perfect opportunity to revolutionize the streaming service system for a longstanding future.


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