Snowpiercer: Season 3 finale reveals New Eden

Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT
Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT /

Snowpiercer’s season 3 finale finally gave the audience the significant answers they had been waiting all season for. However, before anyone could learn the truth about New Eden, Snowpiercer was caught in a war between Melanie’s fear of the unknown and Layton’s desire for a new world.

Melanie refused to bring the entire train, all that is left of humanity’s population, to a fate she had no proof existed. Layton had made up New Eden, and since he had no evidence of its actual existence, Melanie was not willing to risk everyone’s lives on a possibility.

Layton, however, believed that he had to strive forward toward New Eden, especially after Asha’s death and the spirit of hope for a new future he had been working toward since his initial vision.

But it would not be a Snowpiercer season finale without some drama from Wilford, and season 3 delivers on that front too. Layton and Melanie put aside their differences to be rid of Wilford, placing him in the same suspension chamber Melanie had survived in for six months.

Although Wilford has been sent out into the unknown, given his desire to survive, this may not be the last anyone sees of him. Luckily, Layton and Melanie’s alliance holds strong enough to suggest another plot twist.

Neither is willing to back down from their beliefs, but that does not mean the entire train needs to suffer for it. Splitting the train in half is the solution. Those who wish to see if New Eden is real will go with Layton, and those who do not want to risk their lives for an uncertainty will join Melanie.

The decision provides plenty of emotional goodbyes as no one knows if or when they will cross paths again. However, in some cases, such as Alex, the desire to know about what lies beyond the train and hopes for a new life may be stronger than the bonds they have made on the train.

In the end, Snowpiercer’s season 3 finale makes the wise choice to reveal if New Eden is real rather than make everyone wait another season. As it happens, New Eden is real.

The warm spot is true, with the temperature growing higher as they move closer toward it. The warm site comes with a lake and the ability to walk off the train without dying from the freezing temperatures.

It is a solid conclusion to the season to show that at least, for a little while, Layton’s side of the train got to experience a beautiful aspect of life they have not had the chance to visit in years.

As for Melanie’s train, three months later, Melanie is witness to something in the sky that may or may not cause a variety of problems in attempting to survive. Only time will tell.

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