Snowpiercer: Is Eden real?

702675 Snowpiercer 203 Unit 11/18/19 ph: David Bukach SP_ep203and4_11182019_0031
702675 Snowpiercer 203 Unit 11/18/19 ph: David Bukach SP_ep203and4_11182019_0031 /

Is Layton’s New Eden real? Snowpiercer takes Layton’s subconscious on a dreamscape journey during “Ouroboros,” which concludes in a startling suggestion. Early in season 3, Layton had a vision of a tree, symbolizing Melanie’s claims of warm spots true and that there was a habitable environment in the world somewhere.

However, “Ouroboros” may have made a dangerous proposal. Was Layton so desperate to give everyone a promising future that he invented one himself? Is New Eden real, or did his mind create it? After waking up, Layton explains he can not lead the train if his decisions are based on a lie.

If there is no Eden, what does that mean for the passengers of Snowpiercer? Will they continue to ride the rails as they have for years? Will the passengers take a stand against Layton for lying to them about Asha’s true backstory?

Although most of the storyline throughout “Ouroboros” takes place primarily inside Layton’s head as he works his way through waking up from his coma, Wilford and Alex are also making massive revelations in the real world.

Wilford is amid a massive discovery or theory, and he calls in Alex to help work his way through it. Alex recognizes this behavior in Wilford, seeing that he is on to something. Yet, Alex refuses to divulge too much information about where the pirate train had traveled during their six months away.

However, Wilford’s attempts to follow them and Alex’s confirmation that the pirate train had been nowhere near France gave Wilford’s theory more credibility. Wilford had received a signal from France about three months after the separation, but the pirate train was not there, so was it Melanie?

Melanie’s fate has been left hanging in the balance since Snowpiercer passed her by and Layton and Alex found the remains of where she had been living. However, Melanie’s body had never been found, suggesting that there was always more to Melanie’s situation, even if it was never confirmed.

Still, the idea that Melanie may be alive out there could be a way to boost morale for Alex, Wilford, Layton, and everyone else if they can manage to get on the same team. They all have a better chance of surviving if they work together, and Melanie can undoubtedly help with that.

But, they would have to find her alive first. Still, Asha’s existence may suggest that there were other survivors of the freeze, and maybe if Melanie is alive, she is not alone.

“Ouroboros” may mostly deal with Layton’s guilt and terrifying reality that if he is wrong, the remaining populace may die. Still, it also raises important questions about what will come on Snowpiercer moving forward.

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