Frozen the Musical entices the audience to dream bigger

Even as the magical world of Disney Parks is a stone’s throw away, Frozen the Musical, currently on a National Tour, stopping at Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando, brings more than just the familiar songs that linger long after the house lights go up. With a little stage magic and powerful performances, the familiar story delights with laughter and an emotional connection.

Even those people who have watched Disney’s Frozen more times than they can remember eagerly anticipated the familiar story being retold on the stage. While the animated movie can capture an icy world in a two-dimensional plane, the stage adaptation highlights the emotions with a little magic.

Although there might not be real snow in the Walt Disney Theater, the occasional flurry keeps the feeling of the chilly Arendelle. Still, the emotions, which are at the heart of Frozen the Musical, make everyone see the beauty in the frigid landscape. Even the various attendees in their princess attire couldn’t help but be in awe of the scenes.

Frozen the Musical finds the balance that is true to life in the fairy tale world. While the sadness might tinge on the memory, the celebrations overpower any of the tears. The juxtaposition of the big ballads with silliness keeps the performance moving to its ultimate cumulation.

The lighthearted moments are more than just Olaf singing about summer and warm sunny days. The Hygee song can make even the grouchiest person smile. Although a touch of old-school vaudeville, it might be one of the little gems of the evening.

Frozen The Musical

Disney Theatrical Productions under the direction of Thomas Schumacher presents Frozen, the North American Tour, music, and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and book by Jennifer Lee
directed by Michael Grandage
with: Caroline Bowman (Elsa), Caroline Innerbichler (Anna), Mason Reeves (Kristoff), F. Michael Haynie (Olaf), Austin Colby (Hans), Jeremy Morse (Weselton). Photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center

Of course, everyone loves seeing Olaf and Sven on stage. F. Michael Milkanin finds that balance of humor yet poignancy. The beloved snowman is more than a puppet gimmick. The audience hears his voice and believes that the snowman has come to life.

While the entire cast is quite impressive, it is Anna, played by Caroline Innerbichler, and Elsa, played by Caroline Bowman, who has everyone cheering at the end of the performance. Even though there is an expectation of their characteristics and even their words, it is the performance that captures the true love bond between the siblings.

Innerbichler (Anna) plays the humorous side quite well. Since Anna has the biggest heart, those quiet moments are the ones that have people on the edge of their seats. She might not have the big belting number, this performance is the one that the audience will reflect on the day after the show.

Of course, Bowman (Elsa) steals the show. Listening to her voice, the power and conviction in each song are clear. Still, there are moments of vulnerability that make Elsa real. Behind the stoic façade is a character who longs to be part of the community. Being the protector is a tough burden to shoulder.

Even though many people know the story, memorize the songs, and might even have their own Olaf at home, a night enjoying Frozen the Musical reignited the first reason why people fell in love with the story and the characters. With an ensemble that brings all the emotions that people want from the classic Disney tale arc, it is a reason to let go of the chaos in the real world and open the door to a love story that is more than just a dream.

Frozen the Musical is on a National Tour. Currently, it is playing Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando and then heads to Ft. Lauderdale. The National Tour continues through September 2022.