Why Amelie Zilber is more than just a TikToker for Gen Z


While I may fall slightly outside of the age range of Gen Z, I was well aware of who Amelie Zilber was before writing this – or so I thought. I am a fan of internet culture and even came across her TikTok page in my typical scrolling. Her gorgeous face captivated me like any other person. I knew she was a model and gave her a like a follow a few months ago to only imagine what her travels would be like one day. Little did I pay attention to who the actual person behind the images and TikToks was.

Who is Amelie Zilber?

Amelie Zilber is a well-established political activist that began doing so at a young age. She began a newsletter called “Two Minute Times” to explain current events politics quickly and easily. Because she began this at a young age, UNICEF recognized her efforts to serve a young audience and made her a UNICEF ambassador. Her passions led her to decide to study Middle Eastern Affairs and minor in Arabic at Georgetown University. She is currently doing so remotely from Los Angeles. She also stated in a vlog that she chooses to use her studies to work for a think tank to write policy for the Middle East.

To that people that might know her strictly for her TikToks or modeling that she has done since age 15, she says this:

"“I do think it’s important that girls who are beautiful and confident and love themselves can also be smart and intelligent and empowering. I think that’s something, a stereotype that we need to break and we need to keep working on. Can we just freaking normalize that beautiful girls can be really freaking smart and empowering? Let’s normalize that because a lot of us are.”"

Amelie is also part of the Biden’s administration advisory council that assist in reaching out to its younger audience. She’s spoken about being in a meetings with his team. Is there something she doesn’t do?