9 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts and cards to give pop culture fans

Discover Kvekstio's 'The Office' keychain on Amazon.
Discover Kvekstio's 'The Office' keychain on Amazon. /

Whether your significant other is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy universes like Star Wars and Harry Potter or more lighthearted shows like Friends and The Office, celebrate this love on Valentine’s Day with special gifts and cards based on favorite pop culture moments. Below we’ve gathered 9 different items to show how much your care about your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

1. Funko Pop! Cupid Chewbacca; $9

Discover Funko's Chewbacca Pop! on Amazon.
Discover Funko’s Chewbacca Pop! on Amazon. /

Though he may seem attached to the hip of Han Solo, Chewbacca is offering up a Valentine this year as a Funko Pop! This figurine features the Wookie in red and pink hues holding a heart-shaped box with a bow out, ready for a loved one to receive.

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2. The Office You’re the Pam to My Jim Keychains; $10

Discover Kvekstio's 'The Office' keychain on Amazon.
Discover Kvekstio’s ‘The Office’ keychain on Amazon. /

The most iconic couple from NBC’s The Office has to be Jim and Pam. After many seasons, these friends finally became a couple and were a perfect match. So give your partner the other half of this keychain so you both can remind each other that you’re meant to be.

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3. Hallmark Harry Potter Golden Snitch Valentine’s Day Card; $7

Discover Hallmark Marketing Company LLC's 'Harry Potter' Valentine's Day card on Amazon.
Discover Hallmark Marketing Company LLC’s ‘Harry Potter’ Valentine’s Day card on Amazon. /

Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect opportunity to express your feelings and get away with some great puns. This Harry Potter-themed card says “You’re quite the catch” on the front in reference to catching the Golden Snitch in Quidditch, and we bet any Potterhead would enjoy receiving this message.

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4. Marvel Deadpool Valentine’s Day To-Do List T-Shirt; $15

Discover Marvel's Deadpool Valentine's Day T-shirt on Amazon.
Discover Marvel’s Deadpool Valentine’s Day T-shirt on Amazon. /

Although Deadpool is a very busy Marvel superhero trying to get stuff done, he still makes time to add being a Valentine to his to-do list. So wear or gift this cute yet funny T-shirt in honor of February 14 and make someone’s heart go aflutter.

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5. DC Comics You’re My Superman Card; $15

Discover Insight Editions' Superman Valentine's Day card on Amazon.
Discover Insight Editions’ Superman Valentine’s Day card on Amazon. /

Make your DC Comics-obsessive significant other’s day with a card that will lift their spirits to Krypton. The front of this card features the Man of Steel himself transitioning from his Clark Kent alter ego into Superman and says, “Just wanted to let you know…” and “you’re my Superman!” on the inside.

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6. Friends You’re My Lobster Toy; $20

Discover Cool TV Props' 'Friends' "You're My Lobster" toy on Amazon.
Discover Cool TV Props’ ‘Friends’ “You’re My Lobster” toy on Amazon. /

One of the most iconic couples to come out of ‘90s sitcoms has to be Ross and Rachel from Friends. In season two, Phoebe shares a theory that since lobsters mate for life—though this is untrue in reality—and Rachel is Ross’s lobster. Though the fact may be false, the sentiment is accurate, and we bet your Friends adoring loved one will be overjoyed with this gift.

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7. Stranger Things Valentine’s Day Cards (24 Pack); $15

Discover Silly Goose Gifts' 'Stranger Things' Valentine's Day cards on Amazon.
Discover Silly Goose Gifts’ ‘Stranger Things’ Valentine’s Day cards on Amazon. /

Though Hawkins, Indiana, may contain some scary monsters, it is also home to many love stories. This Valentine’s Day, make a Netflix fan’s day by giving them one of the 24 cards available based on Stranger Things like “Valentine, you turn my world upside down,” or “Valentine, on a scale of one to ten; you’re an Eleven!”

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8. Outlander I Like My Scotch on the Rocks Mug; $22

Discover Coffee Mug's 'Outlander' mug on Amazon.
Discover Coffee Mug’s ‘Outlander’ mug on Amazon. /

Outlander is best-known as the time-traveling romance book series and television show that has gained fans around the world. Cure your partner’s Droughtlander—also known as the time between seasons when fans wait for the show to return—with a mug featuring the leading man, Jamie Fraser, because doesn’t everyone love a Scot-ch on the rocks?

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9. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Sally Necklace; $96

Discover Jeulia's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' necklace on Amazon.
Discover Jeulia’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ necklace on Amazon. /

Though Jack Skellington might be looking to improve Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas, he also has time to fall in love with Sally. This necklace shows both characters on either side of interlocking halves of a heart in the style of the movie. Any Tim Burton fan will see how genuinely romantic this gift is.

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